Instant job opportunity for internet marketing course trainee via ASIM

marketing course trainee

Digital marketing has become an essential part of our daily life around the world due to development of information technology. Marketing has gone to internet world due to availability of mobile internet for common users. As per available information says that digital marketing in India has come more limelight after Narendra Modi has come to power as ….  Read More

Global Marketing Success Depends On Products Pricing For Multinational & Transnational Company

global marketing successGlobal pricing

Now the world has become more smaller and shorter than before as it is possible to reach any one person(s)or product(s)with in few seconds.So it is more difficult to determine Pricing products or services in international marketing.Price is,in part,a function of cost, and the foreign exchange rate is an important determinant of a company’s cost ….  Read More

Indian women entrepreneurs and top rated problems in corporate market

Indian women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs are playing vital roles in the corporate world but the numbers are very few.Women entrepreneurs are key players in any developing country particularly in terms of their contribution to economic development. In recent years, even among the developed countries like USA and Canada, Women’s role in terms of their share in small business ….  Read More