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Insurance surveyor in UK

Insurance surveyor in UK

Insurance basically means protecting the customers against any risk and danger of life or any asset possessed. Insurance surveyors are the people who undertake the job of calculating the possibilities of the risk in financial prospect due to the covers in insurance when buying a property or a site. For the work as an insurance surveyor, you need to go through commercial surveys and financial surveys and note down the points to prepare a report and present it Infront of the underwriters of the insurance. These reports would be beneficial for determining if the insurance should be undertaken or provide some advice to minimize the risk in future claims for your insurance. Surveyors undertake applications from a wide range of professions ranging from commercial, manufacturing, businesses of different sizes and aspirations. Due to this, insurance agents, as well as insurance surveyors, are in great demand nowadays.

Insurance surveyors are also known as risk consultants, risk control surveyors who work for many companies, firms, and brokers. They are professionals in their field of prospects as there are many types of surveyors that exist. They are normally classified in the following areas:

  1. Accidents and causalities – look at risks for employees and customers.
  2. Theft and burglary – check the security in business premises and storage methods.
  3. Engineering insurances – it covers the industrial and mechanical plants.
  4. Fire and other hazards – it includes plans, construction, and protection from fire and other hazardous issues in the system.


There are various responsibilities on the shoulders of an insurance surveyor. First of all, the main focus of an insurance surveyor is to undertake personal and commercial surveys and gather crucial information regarding risks on the sites and plans. They generally use templates in order to gather evidence in the form of photos so that they can write down the recommendations and improvements that are needed to be done. Insurance surveyors advise their clients regarding the minimization of the risks in future insurance claims. They also have a risk control team that maintains the database regarding technical issues and standards in the current business. They are required to have an up to date knowledge regarding policies, trade processes, hazards, and legislations. They also help the particular client to establish and maintain professional ethics and reputation with the new brokers and clients.

Insurance surveyors in the UK

There is vide demand for insurance surveyors in UK, and there are tons of job opportunities for insurance surveyors in UK. All the firms have their required sets of qualification bars which can make you eligible for the post. Many firms undertake insurance surveyors in UK and are listed below.

  1. Recruitment Agenda – Capstone, UK
  2. Recruitment Avenue – London, UK
  3. AMB Technical ltd. – Frodsham, UK
  4. Heat recruitment – Ton bridge, UK
  5. Apply gateway – Bournemouth, UK


Many large firms and companies have courses of graduate training schemes, and usually, an individual requires a 2:1 degree to get a place. The subject that may increase your chances to become an insurance surveyor in UK are actuarial sciences, business studies, economics, engineering, law, management, mathematics, insurance, risk management, etc. Most of the insurance surveyors in UK have gained a lot of experience in this field and are recognized by reputed industries. Building surveys, engineering, management, fire safety, and claims are beneficial in some areas of work. You can also get into and insurance industry by means of an apprenticeship. These are very widely available from beginner, intermediate, and graduate degrees.


Having excellent interpersonal skills to establish great communication with the clients, site workers, employees, and brokers can help a lot. Negotiation and bargaining skills are some of the most important criteria that make you a professional in the field of insurance surveyors. You should be able to handle conflicts and unwanted situations with grace.

Their ability to communicate with the clients so that they trust you is crucial. You should be confident enough to tackle questions and queries without and hesitations and fumble. You should also have sound commercial awareness and the ability to work in a team or as an individual with full potential. You should be punctual and strict with deadlines—strong planning and time management techniques with a result-oriented mindset. You should have the ability to use the right equipment like survey templates and equipment of photogenic. Report writing and presentation skills help you create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the clients.


Most of the successful insurance surveyors have a great prior knowledge regarding their field and have a lot of experience. You need to get into the industry in the graduation level entry to get the required work experience and compete with the others. Many large firms also offer summer internships and placements for undergraduates, which will help you to get the required skills and knowledge and grow in the industry. The smaller firms do offer work experience, but you need to get sufficient information to contact them and work with them.

Salary and expenses

The starting salary of the trainees ranges around 22 thousand pounds. Those who tend to graduate from the top and reputed institutes may get higher packages. With some experience after the training of insurance surveyor, you may around 35 to 50 thousand pounds. But with some right experience and skillset to become a good insurance surveyor, you may around 70 to 1 lack pounds. Salaries do vary with respect to the experience, size types of the firm, employee, and location also play a vital role in determining the salary of an Insurance surveyor. The insurance surveyor work from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, and holidays on weekends as per a normal weekly schedule. It may vary depending upon the availability of clients and workload on an employee.

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