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Moneymantras’ Model of Career Planning and Management: 9 steps to the Career Development Model & Tools and Techniques for Success In Your Dreams.

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Step I:Identify Information About Yourselfi) Personal Skills Assessmentii) Motivational Factorsiii) Work Setting Preferencesiv) The Value of IdentificationStep II:Identify Information About Optionsi) Gathering Informationii) Identifying Prospectsii) Informational InterviewingStep III: Targeting Your Employeri) Narrowing the Fieldii) Tailoring Your CredentialsStep IV: Action Planningi) Self-Promotionii) Submitting Materialsiii) Securing an Interviewiv) Interview PreparationStep V:Staying Engaged in Your Own Professional Developmenti) Develop ….  Read More

Business Management In Modeling & Fashion Industry Tips & Tricks Of Moneymantras9

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You have to start your carrier as Fashion model then it  is manage in two ways : commercial and editorial aspect.Your mind set up is the very important to your carrier in this glamor world.The nine attitude your mind creations are :i)  Positive in attitude:Positive attitude is the power that drives you to success. Developing and manifesting apositive attitude makes life ….  Read More