Relative Strength, Explained


By: Spencer Israel Last week we wrote about the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and its usefulness as a technical analysis tool for analyzing individual stocks. RSI is often confused with a concept called relative strength, though the two are completely different things. If RSI is a tool in your toolbox, then relative strength is an ….  Read More

Descending Triangle Pattern for Beginners


Ascending triangle, descending triangle, head-and-shoulders, flag, pennant, cup-and-handle – all of these titles are chart patterns. And that isn’t even all of them! In the Encylopedia of Chart Patterns by the great Thomas Bulkowski (by far the leading expert in chart patterns), he identifies over fifty different chart patterns. In Technical Analysis, chart patterns are ….  Read More

How A Junior Prop Trader Made A Series Of Scalp Trades To Achieve A Daily High In Profits ($TSLA)


In this video, we share how a junior prop trader made a series of scalps in Tesla to achieve a new daily high in profits. We discuss long AND short scalp trades in Tesla that you can learn to trade to grow your trading account. <span class="collapseomatic " id="id5e4ff6309e6df" tabindex="0" title="View Video Transcript” >View Video ….  Read More