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Tradier Review – An Online Brokerage With Customizable Platforms


About Tradier Tradier is an online brokerage that offers fully customizable platform options providing users choice and flexibility selecting from a wide assortment of platforms and software add-ons to best meet their needs. This is made possible through Tradier’s open collaboration platform utilizing API integration that provides seamless access to over 100 third-party partners.  Founder ….  Read More

185 · The reckless abandon of WallStreetBets—where brazen risk-taking runs rampant w/ Jaime Rogozinski


Jaime Rogozinski, a serial entrepreneur who resides in Mexico, is the man responsible for bringing WallStreetBets to life—the infamous and wildly popular subreddit, which proudly boasts the tagline, “Like 4Chan found a Bloomberg terminal.” In other words, WSB is an online forum (on Reddit) where the majority of it’s 700k+ members aren’t looking to establish ….  Read More Review – A Dividend Research and Analysis Tool

advantage Introduction is a research and analysis site dedicated to dividend analysis and income strategies. The site provides regular articles and updates with recommendations for the best dividend stock selections along with strategies, ex-dividend dates, commentary and company news. Free registration enables access to the Dividend Assistant tool, which a useful analysis tool. Content ….  Read More

Let’s Get to Grips with the Crypto Ethereum


If you’ve ever heard about bitcoin, you’ve probably heard about ethereum as well. It’s one of the most used crypto-networks and currencies with the potential to deliver real-world benefits. In this article, we’ll cover how to trade ethers (ethereum’s native currency), how the network works, what the main risks are, and what strategies you can ….  Read More