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Core Factors of Global advertising and copy test reliability for transnational company

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Global advertising is not a simple matter because it needs global acceptance and morality of product saturation for multinational company or organization. We must agree that determining an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback,and behavior.Also known as pre-testing,it covers all media channels including television,print,radio,internet,and social media. 1.Advertisement measurement:-Provides measurements which are relevant to the ….  Read More

9 Major Factors Of Social Media Networks Impact On Global Marketing World

9 Major Factors Of Social Media Networksmangement og social mediasocial media in global market

Global Marketing is going to more and more competitive now this days.On the other hand social media networking sites have already covered a lots of places,so major brand and companies are rushing behind the Social media networking sites.But here is the question is that what benefits get from social media towards the brand(s)or company(s). Today ….  Read More