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Top 10 points to boost customer in global business with high loads of audience

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Global business has become a small village via modern technology and internet. So it needs more and more specific strategies for business and marketing field.Small to smaller and large to larger business firms or establishments are going via this world wide web .This is done by their website where every thing can get such as ….  Read More

9 Key Essential Factors of Every Global Business Website To Get Success

9 Key Essential FactorsGlobal Business Website To Get Success

Now this no one business firm or company either domestic or multinational have with out website.Because website can give new dimension towards the business establishment and brand too.The Customer Experience Series is supported by Webtrends,providing the unified,customer intelligence to deliver real time relevance in every marketing campaign,every digital channel.  The first thing you must do ….  Read More


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 LICENSING FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS ISSUES U.S.laws do not regulate the licensing process as is the case in the Indian community ,Spain,Australia, Japan and many developing countries under their technology transfer laws. Protection of patent and trademark rights in the India is very good and American law relies on the precedent of court cases previously decided to ….  Read More


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Business is conducted in an ever-changing environment, a blend of economic,political,cultural and personal realities and events. Different understandings of the respective obligations of the parties to a commercial transaction will often occur even when the parties belong to the same low-context society and the transaction is embodied in a legal document which can seldom anticipate ….  Read More


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The reason cultural factors are a challenge to global marketers is that they are hidden from view. Culture is learned behavior passed on from generation to generation and is difficult for the inexperienced or untrained outsider to fathom. Unless we learn how to let go of our cultural assumptions, we will be limited in our ….  Read More