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Areas near San Jose witness an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6

Recently a 3.6 Magnitude earthquake was reported on April 24 at 9.59 p.m., which was recorded three miles from San Jose. The earthquake was reported as 3.8 initially, and then it declined to 3.6, which was recorded six miles away from Morgan hill, 15 miles away from Campbell, 11 miles from Alum Rock, and 14 miles from Los Gatos. According to the United States Geological Survey, California and Nevada encounter about 234 earthquakes with a magnitude between 3 and 4 on an average every year. Every year southern California encounters about 10,000 earthquakes, and most of them aren’t so big to be felt by human beings and are less than magnitude 3.0, only about 100s of which are so big enough which can be felt and is greater than magnitude 3.0 and only some of them like 15 to 20 have a magnitude of greater than 4.0.

Many Californians started to tweet about the earthquake as soon as they felt it. Even Journalist Ian Cull also tweeted about the earthquake, saying, “Whoa. Earthquake in the South Bay. Couple of jolts in South County. Felt like a truck slightly crashed into the foundation of my house. #BayArea #earthquake You feel it?”. Many people also tweeted to calm the others like a person said, “APPARENTLY There was a 3.8 earthquake-like, 300 miles away from me (did you know California is 840 miles long?) A 3.8 gives your feet a massage Literally nothing to panic about guys If it’s great then a 6, worry Until then…”. The recent major earthquakes were reported back in 2019 on July 4th and 5th in Southern California with magnitudes of 7.1, which lasted for about 12 seconds, and the other one with a magnitude of 6.4 had lasted less than 20 seconds and cost around $49 billion to the economy.

Updated: April 25, 2021 — 5:31 pm

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