RHOBH: Why The Housewives Wanted Aaron Phypers At the Reunion

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Why did The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills want Aaron Phypers at the reunion? Bravo fans watched the entire season as Aaron had a whole lot to say but hardly ever listened.

The reunion has come to an end and fans were left a bit unsettled as no real drama was cleared up or explained. Viewers are still are not a fan of Denise Richards’ husband, Aaron Phypers, or his loudmouth ways.  On a controversial episode that took place at Kyle Richards’s house and then again at Sutton Stracke’s party, Aaron painted himself in a bad light by putting the other women down and trying to silence them. It was obvious that Aaron had not been educated on the #MeToo movement as he came off as extremely aggressive who just wanted to prove he was right.  The women wanted to have one final go at him but were denied.

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Erika Jayne tried to confront Aaron after Denise had left him alone with the women and felt that Aaron never let Denise speak or explain her side since he is always cutting her off. During Sutton’s event, Erika wasted no time in confronting him. But like always, Denise turned up to whisk her husband away.

The women were all upset that he did not make an appearance on the reunion, but Denise told them that he was not willing to answer their questions. Erika spoke for the women as she pointed out the whole ordeal could have been squashed if they just talked about it from day one instead of letting their issues fester. The Broadway star used Dorit Kemsley as an example since she had gotten into an argument the season before. Alas, fans were not fated to hear the women get their say or see Aaron squirm.

Denise has been acting like quite the hypocrite as of late. The mother of three walked off the camera at the end and left, with no allies on her side. But when asked about Aaron’s temperament many of the women felt uneasy with how he treated his wife. The reunion ended with Lisa Rinna and Denise telling one another that they were bad friends and throwing a 20-year friendship away. The actress has already decided that she would not be returning to the franchise.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday at 9pm EST on Bravo.




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