Crunchyroll Drops Trailer and Cast Announcements for ONYX EQUINOX

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Crunchyroll has released casting information, a trailer, and more for their upcoming Crunchyroll Original anime Onyx Equinox. The series comes from Sofia Alexander and “follows a young Aztec boy named Izel who is saved from death by the gods and is chosen to act as ‘humanity’s champion,’ forced to discard his apathy toward his fellow man and prove humanity’s potential on a journey that will take him across ancient Mesoamerica.” Here’s the list of characters:

  • Izel – Voiced by Olivia Brown

    • Humanity’s reluctant hero. Tasked with closing the five gates of the underworld.

  • Nelli – Voiced by Sofia Alexander

    • Izel’s sister and greatest source of motivation.

  • Yaotl – Voiced by Alejandro Vargas-Lugo

    • The jaguar-like emissary of Tezcatlipoca who accompanies Izel.

  • Zyanya – Voiced by Carolina Ravassa

    • A warrior with a powerful ability, seeks to restore her destroyed city.

  • Yun – Voiced by Patrick Pedrazza

    • K’in’s more individualistic twin. The emotional core of Izel’s group.

  • K’in – Voiced by Juan Arturo Maldonado

    • Yun’s mischievous, risk-taking twin who often takes jokes too far.

  • Xanastaku – Voiced by Kimberly Woods

    • A priestess in Izel’s party. Desires to redeem her dark past.

  • K’i’ik – Voiced by Sofia Alexander

    • Izel’s weapon that grows by consuming blood.

  • Meque – Voiced by Sofia Alexander

    • A type of axolotl with mysterious, magical power.

  • Tezcatlipoca – Voiced by Arin Hanson

  • Mictlantecuhtli – Voiced by Castulo Guerra

  • Quetzalcoatl – Voiced by Zeus Mendoza

  • The Healer – Voiced by Fayna Sanchez

Onyx Equinox will premiere on November 21 and will also be available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German from the start.




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