Selling Sunset: All Chrishell Stause's Comments About Her Divorce With Justin Hartley

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Season 3 of Netflix’s real estate soap opera, Selling Sunset, brought on more drama filled moments than fans thought possible. With each new season the drama sizzles hotter and hotter. One of the biggest moments from season 3 was learning about Chrishell Stause’s shocking divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley.

Selling Sunset depicts the lives of the realtors and brokers at the famed Oppenheim Group. The lovely ladies enjoy lavish lifestyles while selling million dollar homes. They juggle family and fiancés and work scandals through their dramatic lives. Cat fights and “he said, she said” conversations round out the overarching themes of this hot reality TV program. Between the eye candy real estate and the overly dramatic happenings, it’s no wonder how this show gained its popularity.

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Previously, Stause had only shared kind words about her then husband Justin on the show. She spoke about how they lived in their dream house and how seemingly perfect her life was. Just days before the news broke Stause and Hartley attended a fundraiser at a house Stause was in charge of selling. The hopeless romantic even stated to a potential bidder “this is my husband, by the way,” as if to claim him. She had assumed that they were doing just fine. Of course her fairy tale came crashing down after a TMZ story hit the office.

Halfway through season 3 as the team sat and worked, a TMZ report lit up phones and laptops stating that Stause’s prince charming had filed for divorce. Flabbergasted, the team rushed to her side to console her and gain more insight. It was then that the audience learned even Stause herself was in shock and had only found out through a text 45 minutes before the world knew. What exactly happened in this love story and what brought it to its end? While initially being silent about the matter, Stause has since spoken out about the sad turn of events.

After a cliffhanger ending with the office discovering the news that Stause and Hartley had gone to splitsville, the very next episode opens inside the Hollywood hotel room which the starlet was held up in. With tears in her eyes and her confidant Mary Fitzgerald there to console her, the former soap opera star appeared to be living a nightmare. “I’m just kind of in shock with it all. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s just a lot all at once ’cause everybody in the whole world knows like at the same time that I knew. Have you ever been knocked over by a wave and you don’t know which way to swim to get up?” she asked.

In a confessional the realtor added “I don’t think anyone ever gets married thinking that they’ll get a divorce. I’m definitely a hopeless romantic, and I feel stupid even saying that out loud.” The poor girl seems so unsure of herself after this shocking moment in her life. She went on to say “We were totally fine that day. I mean, I thought we were totally fine,” referring to the morning of the incident. “We had a fight that morning over the phone. I never saw him since. We didn’t talk things through. Before we had a chance to figure anything out, he’d filed,” she added.

The pair had spent six years total together and were married for two of those years. In relationship psychology it is typical that the seven year mark is when one truly knows if a relationship will survive. Individuals begin to see each other’s good and bad sides truthfully. If couples find they can deal with their partners true colors and make it through their seventh year there is often a high chance for marital success. Sadly, Stause will never get that opportunity.

Nevertheless, Stause wants answers about why the split actually occurred, just like the rest of the world. The catch of a woman stated “Because of the crazy way in which this went down, people want answers, and I f—ing want answers,” she said. “I know people are saying, like, we were only married two years — but it’s like, we were together for six years.” The better part of a decade feels like an awfully long time through rose colored glasses. “I talked to him right after because I thought that must be a joke — but that was kind of the end of the communication. What am I supposed to say? What do you say after that?” Losing a relationship is devastating but without closure it can be unbearable.

It is known that upon finding that her husband had filed, she fled to a hotel so quickly that all she had time to do was pack a single bag. She describes how she was going to be late to work, the cherry on top of her craptastic morning. “When I found out, I was minutes before leaving the house for work, so I immediately just grabbed a few things, and I just got out of there as fast as I could,” she stated. The star added “I don’t think I really knew where I was going or what I was gonna do, but I just had to leave.” With divorce comes a lot of uncertainty. She went on to say “Now I have to find a place to live; now I have to scramble and figure this out.”


After her stint in the hotel she took some time with family and went to visit her sister in St. Louis. Beyond this fans are not sure where the real estate agent ended up afterwards. There have been several Instagram posts of her spending time in an expensive modern home. Sprawled out on a set of stairs the star posted 15 weeks ago about how the stairs were a compromise for a non-existent pool.

Whenever someone loses a love, especially when it comes out of nowhere, they often want to make it work. It makes sense—they assumed they were doing fine or didn’t know they had issues. However, once one person ultimately decides to leave, it is pretty hard to reconcile. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, so long as the individual leaving decides that they also would like to work on things. It would appear this was not the case for Stause.

“When I think of marriage, I think of: You know, you work on things with people if they’re not perfect — no one is. You work on it. You talk about it. You don’t go out looking for greener grass; sometimes you have to water the grass that you have,” said the soap opera goddess. “And that’s what marriage is. Sometimes it can be hard. I don’t think it should be more hard than easy, at all, but that’s why I’m so confused, because I didn’t feel like that balance was off. I just feel stupid.” she added.

She spoke to her sister more reflecting on the evening before her life turned upside down stating “Part of my can’t wrap my brain around the fact that he would make such a hasty decision without sitting me down and talking to me. But then the other part of me…he had made a decision, that he didn’t want to talk about it. It has to be two people that want to be married; you can’t just have one person. And I just feel like it was just me, fighting for something that was a lost cause because he didn’t care enough to even sit me down and tell me.” Words of wisdom.

When children are involved in shattered relationships it is always difficult. Stause was especially devastated that she was unable to say goodbye to her 16 year old step daughter. “I love her so much, and I had to write a letter to her,” she says of Isabella. Speaking of life altering events like divorce and children.

Stause stated “I know it is lame and cliché to say everything happens for a reason, but it does make me think of things, that I depended on him for.” She went on to say “I had a plan, but then I met him, and I love him so much, so I changed my plan for him. So it just makes me think that maybe there is a bigger plan for me.” Anyone who meets “the one” has a plan for themselves beforehand and almost everyone that enters a relationship changes that plan because of love. At least she has hope for her future and knows that there must be bigger and better things out there for her.

Even after all that she has been through, Stause has decided one thing: to stay positive about her situation. When she went to stay with her sister they had a conversation in which she stated “I just kind of feel like I’m putting one foot in front of the other and just trying to keep moving to the right place…and hopefully, I’ll wake up from this nightmare.” To keep moving is all someone can really do in a situation like hers. She took to Instagram nine weeks ago to share a meme depicting her from the Selling Sunset promotional posters which above said “my plans”and on the other side her sobbing with “2020” above her sad face. The post read “If you can’t laugh at yourself, many people will do it for you! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤡😬”

This poor girl has been through the ringer. Her past was not easy either, as in season 1 audiences found out after a charity even with the Oppenheim Group that, at one point in her childhood, Stause was homeless. From one bad time to another, this boss babe knows how to roll with the punches. Love is hard to lose, especially when it is accompanied with losing your home and seemingly the structure of your life. Fans are still wondering where the real estate expert is living at this time. Perhaps she has purchased a million dollar home from her valley portfolio. She took over the market in the area because of her love for the valley. One thing is for sure, though: even in divorce, there’s no doubt Stause will be just fine.

You can catch Chrishell and the rest of the girls in season 3 of Selling Sunset, only on Netflix.

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