Insights on Flying Now and Current Travel Restrictions with Kerwin McKenzie

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Kerwin Mckenzie passrider interview

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Show Notes: About Kerwin Mckenzie

Fellow travel lover, travel blogger, ex-airline worker, and plane enthusiast. He’s traveled to 125 countries and flown on 180 airlines!!

Kerwin knows all there is to know about flights and current travel restrictions. As I mentioned, I can’t even keep up with what’s in my kitchen cupboard to know what to cook for dinner each night.

Kerwin knows an incredible amount about the airline industry – more than anyone I have ever met. He has years of experience AND has built a fascinating life around his passion for planes.

So we bring on the experts to help you.

Mostly, Kerwin is one of the warmest, friendliest, most joyful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I love catching up with him a couple of times a year at conferences.

We discuss:

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  • What led Kerwin to be a passionate airline geek and travel lover
  • His different careers in the industry and his degree
  • Kerwin’s unusual job as competitive intelligence at conferences
  • How Kerwin learns a lot – very powerful tip and strategy
  • All about Passrider and how it helps those in the industry get standby flights and how Kerwin turned this into a business.
  • Things to consider now when flying and how to best prepare.
  • How flight prices are being affected
  • Different regulations and restrictions in terms of cancellations and refunds and a handy tip to get a refund even when the airline doesn’t let you know you can get one!
  • Will you lose your mileage points during these current times? Kerwin weighs in with a few tips.
  • The value of chartering private flights right now.
  • What about current travel restrictions? Kerwin shares a few loopholes and discrepancies there.
  • What to consider if you do want to go to another country right now.
  • A few possible changes that could occur in the airline industry
  • Kerwin’s new venture: The Black Travel Alliance and its mission and purpose and how you can help (Future interview episode dedicated to this!)
  • How we can be more conscious and ask better questions
  • Why it’s important to get uncomfortable

Kerwin and Eric Babbo and Caz


  • Travel Restrictions: Where can I travel to now?
  • Cruisin Altitude
  • Passrider
  • Black Travel Alliance

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