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Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel not only helped further expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s cosmic division, but introduced the character of pilot / intergalactic superhero Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) to a new generation of fans. The new fans created in the wake of the film will likely want a guide of Captain Marvel’s greatest comics before her next film, in active development, releases.

For those wishing to start a comic run that’s much more modern and less exposition heavy, there is no better choice than writer Kelly Sue DeConnick along with artists Dexter Soy and David Lopez’s Captain Marvel series which ran from 2012- 2015. Many elements from the Captain Marvel film such as Carol taking up the Captain Marvel mantle, a deeper examination of Carol’s air force roots, and the now famous costume are first introduced into this relatively recent run. Also of course, Goose the Cat (who is actually named Chewie in the world of the comics). Like Chris Claremont with the X-Men or Ed Brubaker with Captain America, DeConnick would firmly establish the definitive image of Carol Danvers for readers, with this series.

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But there are those select few fans who may have an urge to start from the very beginning, which begins with the original Ms. Marvel run, written by Gerry Conway and Chris Claremont with art by Sal Buscema and Dave Cockrum among others from 1977-1979. This run would feature the initial introductions and return of many mainstay supporting characters and villains such as Yon Rogg (portrayed by Jude Law in the MCU), X-Men villain Mystique, Ronan the Accuser (played by Lee Pace), and Deathbird of the avian like Shi’ar Empire. These characters would not only make matters difficult for Captain Marvel, but the Marvel Universe as a whole for years to come. While Claremont’s Ms. Marvel work is not nearly as memorable as his later job on Uncanny X-Men, this early run is necessary as the building blocks for the character. While Danvers has yet to take on the now familiar Captain Marvel moniker, these are still fun stories which would ultimately establish Danvers’ place in the superhuman community moving forward.

2019’s Captain Marvel would finally introduce audiences to the Marvel Universe’s most notorious race of intergalactic beings, the shape shifitng Skrulls. If the final end credit scene of Spider-Man Far From Home is any indication, the little green men from outer space are going to be sticking around for quite a while in the MCU. The Skrulls have played a hand in many Marvel comic runs since 1962, including writer Brian Reed and artist Roberto De La Torre’s Ms. Marvel run from 2006-2010, which would help clarify the relationship between Carol and the race of notorious shape shifters. This run could be a key guide on where things may be eventually headed in the film verse. Similar to her on screen counterpart, Carol Danver’s origins are of a largely cosmic nature which includes many of her villains as well. Apart from the occasional Civil War tie in, Brian Reed’s run helps reflect that.

There is no telling which elements from Captain Marvel’s decades worth of comics material Marvel Studios will pull from in creating the story for Carol’s next adventure. Though with Marvel Studios having recently regained the film rights to a vast majority of their cosmic characters and settings, the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel will have plenty to work with as far as world building is concerned.

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