Thor: Ragnarok's Giant Wolf is Even Cooler in The Comics

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There is no doubt that Thor: Ragnarok‘s Fenris Wolf is spectacular with his massive body, fangs, and claws. But even with his magnificent attributes, the Marvel Comics’ Fenris Wolf is so much cooler.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela revives the Fenris Wolf knowing that her brothers, specifically Thor, are going to try and stop her from reigning over Asgard. When Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie arrive on Asgard to defeat Hela and her hordes of undead, the Hulk and Fenris Wolf have a legendary battle on the Bifrost or Rainbow Bridge. At one point, the Fenris Wolf gains the upper hand and sinks his fangs into the Hulk’s flesh. Nonetheless, the Fenris Wolf meets its possible demise as he falls off the edge of a waterfall, into the deep and dark space. Although, the Fenris Wolf is powerful enough to injure one of the mightiest members of the Avengers, the film still doesn’t do the character justice.

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The film may express the Wolf’s might, but it barely scratches the surface of what he’s capable of. In the Marvel comics, the Asgardian gods fear the wolf to the point where they prohibit him from roaming the lands of Asgard freely. To test the Wolf’s strength, the Asgardian gods devise a game and imprison him in a variety of secure bonds. But no matter how strong the bonds are, they are not strong enough to keep the great Fenris Wolf chained up.

Because the Wolf has the ability to break and escape any bonds the Asgardian gods create, Odin tells the Dwarves to make a thin and durable silk called Gleipnir that the Wolf should not be able to break. To test the theory, Odin and the Asgardian gods ask the Fenris Wolf if they can bind him in the silk. But because the Fenris Wolf has human intelligence, he makes a deal with Odin and the gods and says that he will only bind himself in the silk if one of the Dwarves is willing to put one of their arms in his mouth, as a sign of trust. In addition, if Odin and the gods test their theory but do not release him from the bondage, then he will bite the brave Dwarf who puts his arm in his mouth. As soon as the Fenris Wolf sees that Odin and the gods are not keeping to their word, he does exactly what he says he’s going to do and bites off a Dwarf’s arm.

Although the film shows some of the Fenris Wolf’s vigor, it fails to explain his wild and bewildering origin. Fans of Tom Hiddleston’s charismatic and comical Loki may be shocked to know that in the Marvel Comics the God of Mischief is actually the father of the Fenris Wolf. In addition to having Loki as his father, the Wolf’s mother is the giant Angerboda, a giantess and witch of one of the Nine Realms called Jotunheim. The possible reason as to why Loki and the giantess Angerboda are able to produce a super strong Wolf is because they both possess the ability to shape shift, which can only mean one thing. They may have shape shifted while fraternizing.

Taika Waititi undeniably brings Thor: Ragnarok to life with his endless use of laugh-out-loud humor, but it would have made the film even funnier to see the other characters react to the fact that the Fenris Wolf is one of Loki’s offspring.

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