VPR, Southern Charm, RHOD & The Challenge Firings Reveal PR Apologies

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How Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Real Housewives of Dallas and The Challenge firings reveal fake PR apologies. The art of the half-hearted PR apology has been mastered by these self-righteous reality stars.

Thanks to the reawakening of the Black Lives Matter movement, networks are being forced to hold their reality stars accountable for their inexcusable behaviors. Most recently, Bravo was affected by its most popular star, Stassi Schroeder. An interview from 2018 resurfaced where the podcast showed Schroeder laughing about calling the police on her black co-star, Faith Stowers. Due to this and an insensitive Nazi picture, she was let go along with three other cast members.

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Vanderpump Rules is not the first show to be affected by this type of behavior. It has been going on for years. Many times, the network had written the behavior off and let the reality star getaway with the action. A perfect example would be Joe Giudice in season 2 when he and the rest of the crew went to a ballroom dancing class. The Italian took it upon himself to call the teacher “gay.” At the time Danielle Staub called him out and said she would not tolerate that type of behavior but no one else on the show batted an eyelash.

The next big revelation came when LeeAnne Locken was caught numerous times calling her co-star, Kary a “chirpy Mexican.” Locken was called out at the reunion and soon after chose to depart from the show. MTV has had some issues as well recently on their popular reality show The Challenge where last year’s winner, Dee Nguyen was fired for her BLM comments.

While Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis had to apologize for sending monkey emoji’s to a black blogger during a confrontation that took place via twitter. The Charleston native claimed she had no idea the emoji would offend. Seemingly playing dumb to get away with an uneducated conversation.

When the reality stars find themselves in hot water, they automatically turn to the go-to PR apology which often comes across as fake. Each star mentioned above has said the same sentiments in a roundabout way. All say they will educate themselves on the matter and were deeply sorry to have offended anyone. But at what point is the PR apology more of an insult than the offense. Many fans want the stars to understand the immense hurt they caused because they learned it was wrong, not because they were told so. In many cases, actions speak louder than words. With every mistake, these celebrities make them lose power and respect. It shows that most are too wrapped up in their small lives to take into consideration the struggle of others.

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