Let the Deck Choose Your Spells with the DEALER Class for D&D

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I don’t know why, but I love using decks of cards in games. That’s why I was drawn to Caleb Wichman’s Dealer class for Dungeons & Dragons. This is an unofficial class that lets you cast spells based on the cards you have in your hand. While you have the same spell list as a wizard, your prepared spells are determined by the cards in your hand. This isn’t going to be for everyone though as this adds an element of randomness to your abilities. In addition, at level 2, you get to choose a suit which will give you additional features as you level up. It’s a pretty cool concept, but definitely not for everyone.

The Dealer is a spellcaster who uses a deckbuilding minigame to learn and prepare spells.,

You can purchase Dealer from DMs Guild for $1.95.




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