Kailyn Lowry: Maybe I'll Name My Baby After Jenelle's Ex!

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Kailyn Lowry is pregnant.

Very, very pregnant.

Kailyn Baby Bump

Right now she’s about 35 weeks along, which means she’s only five weeks away from her due date, which is sometime in late July.

But remember, this is her fourth child, so there’s a very good chance she won’t make it all the way till then.

Nope, Kail’s baby could be coming pretty darn soon, and so of course she’s been getting prepared.

We’ve seen her decorating the nursery, and we’ve heard her talking about baby gear.

Kailyn Lowry at 29 Weeks

But what’s another big part of getting ready for a brand new baby?

Picking a name, of course!

For all of her other children, she’s waited until the birth to find out the sex, but this time around, she checked early — she’s known for a long time that she’s having another boy.

So you’d think she’d have already settled on a name, right?

Kailyn Lowry Bikini Action

Especially since little Lux went several weeks without a name after he was born in 2017.

But if you thought that … well, you were wrong.

Because Kail is still really, really struggling on this front.

Yesterday, she shared a list of “30 Great Names” that are supposed to be “given to less than 50 boys.”

Kail's baby names

She also made it an option to write something in, so it seemed like she was asking for opinions on these names.

Unfortunately, it was easy to see why these names had been given to so few kids — a lot of them were pretty awful.

Quill? Oak? Evren?

Come on now.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

Interestingly enough, the surname of one of her Teen Mom friends, Catelynn Lowell, was on the list, as well as a different spelling of her own nickname, Kail.

So is this it? Is her baby going to have one of these names?

Will Loxley Lowry-Lopez be entering the world soon?

We can’t say.

But thanks to another post on her Instagram story, we do know her top picks from the list.

Kail's baby names revisited

Someone wrote in “Cortland or Monty” as their suggestion, and Kailyn said “Those were also my top two from that list!”

Which means that she’s considering choosing the name Cortland.

Do you know anyone else with that name?

Yeah, you do.

Courtland Rogers Mugshot 2020

Courtland Rogers, Jenelle’s first husband and all around terrible guy — that’s who any Teen Mom fan is going to think of when they hear that name.

And of course we don’t think that that’s the reason Kail is considering the name.

She probably didn’t even think about it.

But it’s just too unique a name to not be weird, right?

Kailyn Lowry Baby Bump Photo

Right now, Jenelle is probably too busy to comment on this.

After all, she’s busy letting David Eason ruin every single aspect of her whole entire life and also trying to convince everyone she’s not racist.

But if she actually ends up using this name, oh, would we love to hear the things Jenelle would have to say.

What do you think Kail should name the new baby?




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