Jamie Foxx Is Mike Tyson In Upcoming Biopic Fan-Made Poster

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Jamie Foxx is Mike Tyson in a fan-made poster for the boxer’s upcoming biopic, Tyson. For years, Oscar-winning actor/comedian Foxx spoke about getting a Mike Tyson biopic off the ground. At one point, the passion project even reportedly involved Martin Scorsese.

In theory, a biopic about one of the greatest boxers that the sport has ever known does seem like something that would be right up Scorsese’s alley. The iconic filmmaker has told the story of an acclaimed boxer once before, with 1980’s Raging Bull. However, despite Foxx’s past assurances that Scorsese is leading the production of Tyson, there has been no official confirmation. None the less, judging by a recent Instagram post from Foxx, it does indeed appear that the Tyson biopic is up and running, with Foxx already looking as though he could actually physically carry the entire project on his own. By Foxx’s admission, Tyson still has quite a distance to go before it’s ready, but anyone who has ever heard the star’s impression of the boxing legend knows that much was already in place before production on the biopic even began.

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With the recent Instagram post, fans of both Foxx and Tyson are already excited about the prospects for this film. Of course, there isn’t any promotional material available to date, but as is often the case with dedicated fans, creative interpretations can be expected. This time around, eager fan BossLogic decided to make a poster for the upcoming film and offer it up via his Twitter account. The poster looks like it could very well be official, and Foxx and Tyson fans are sure to approve of BossLogic’s quality work. The artist’s Twitter post can be seen below:

Foxx has long since proven that he can become the characters that he portrays on screen, as was the case with 2004’s Ray. That film – which landed Foxx his first Oscar and established him as a serious actor, highlighted the vast range of skills that he was more than capable of navigating in order to deliver a performance. With Tyson, Foxx obviously won’t be doing any singing or playing any instruments, but he will be taking on the fluidity and grace necessary of a professional boxer. That is no small task and should Foxx pull it off, it could very well land him a second Oscar. Tyson’s life was filled with a vast array of ups and downs, and seeing how the now 53-year-old athlete went from a life of poverty in Brooklyn to becoming one of the most acclaimed boxers in history will be a real treat with Foxx onboard.

Unfortunately, despite Tyson’s great achievements and respect among those who follow the sport of boxing, his rape conviction and subsequent imprisonment are issues that do have the potential to derail this film. There is no way that Foxx’s Tyson biopic can shy away from the rape charges, so the way they handle it will likely determine exactly how well Tyson ultimately does – both in theatres and during awards season. Regardless of how Tyson fares with critics and at the box office, all fans of the boxer will be able to appreciate stunning fan art like the example above.

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Source: BossLogic




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