Is the Helios Touch wall art or lighting? We'll let you decide

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You’ve spent a lot of time staring at your own four walls the past few months. And one of your conclusions is probably that your walls are looking a little…drab. Familiarity breeds contempt — and all this familiarity is likely breeding a desire to shake things up a bit with your home decor.

Rather than framing a movie poster or getting one of those torchiere floor lamps from Target that everyone has, you’ve got options for changing up the look of any room in your home in a uber-functional, artistic, ultra-cool way. 

Helios Touch Modular Wall Lighting covers all those bases with a singular style.

Individually, each Helios Touch unit is a hexagonal magnetic tile about 4.5 inches across with a touch-sensitive LED light inside. One on its own may not look like much, but when gathered together on any wall in your home, they can be marshaled to create any number of fun patterns that can be activated with just a swipe.

One part wall art, one part room lighting, these Helios Touch tiles can be configured in a host of different ways to suit either your aesthetics, your lighting needs, or both. 

Each unit puts out a cool white light that can be adjusted to your preferred levels. And when collected, you can swipe on as many or as few as you like, generating both the right light level for your room as well as leaving different fun light pattern configurations on your wall.

Each module locks to each other via magnetic edges and can be wall-mounted using the provided sticky pads or hung cleanly on nails to create a sleek, polished look that will definitely draw attention.

You can get a Helios Touch Modular Wall Lighting assortment sized to fit your available space, including packs of 6 lights ($143), 12 lights ($243), 18 lights ($319) or a giant 24 light display ($429)

Prices are subject to change.

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