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Many of the day-to-day amenities we take for granted are found easily, and the Supermarket is the first place we would go if we needed food but it’s a deathtrap in The Last Of Us 2. This Supermarket is the first enemy filled area and it has a few challenges to it. The weapons Ellie and Dina have are limited and it takes some tactics and strategy to get through unscathed.

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Getting away from the Radio Tower and going into the town that has the clock tower for the second checkpoint on the patrol will have the first major challenge for Ellie in Last of Us 2. There’s a fairly gory moment with a moose that signals to the team that there are infected in the area. As a good patrol, Ellie and Dina are tasked with dispatching them. This gives way to the spores that will also bring with it Clickers. Clickers can be devastating as they can kill Ellie in one blow. They do have a weakness, and that is they can’t see. They can hear extremely well though and that can be a problem but being light on the left stick when approaching them is a way to get close to them to take them out. Another way is to distract them by throwing something away from them and then attacking them from behind with Ellie’s knife.

The Supermarket will have a ton of goodies, especially supplements that are vital in upgrading skills like Faster Healing Kits and Listen Mode Movement Speed if only to name a few. Explore every nook and cranny and Ellie should be able to upgrade a couple of times in the Supermarket alone. this is also the first area where safes are found and the code for this is told in the letter to the right of it. The code is the month and full year of when the dog is the employee of the month. To find that answer, it will be in the room just outside the one with the safe. There, it has pictures of all the employees, dog included. Punch the date in the safe, grab the goodies and continue to the last area of the Supermarket.

Getting out is a bit more difficult in the last section of the Supermarket which has a hole in the roof. It’s best to kill the regular infected first and the clickers second if possible. Upon entering the last room, stealth kill the infected on the left with a stealth kill and then stay at the far box undercover. When the next infected comes close, dispatch him and then move back to the left side of the are from when Ellie dropped in to take out another enemy on that side. From here, use the bricks and bottles are distractions and put them in areas that will make the Clickers face away from Ellie for quick eliminations. Once the room is clear, a cable is found under the green air conditioning unit. It’s to the right of the steel door that says “Come Again” on a yellow banner. Walk up to it and there will be a trigger to pull the cable from underneath. Throw the cable over the ducting where the opening is in the roof. Make sure it goes over to create enough leverage to pull Dina and Ellie up. Once on the top, head over to the ledge where Dina is and head back to Shimmer patiently waiting for Ellie’s return.

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The Last Of Us 2 is available for PS4.




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