HBO's 'Perry Mason' delivers 'The Godfather' horse head-levels of spectacle

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HBO's 'Perry Mason' delivers 'The Godfather' horse head-levels of spectacle

When I think of The Godfather, I think of that horse head. Sure, there are plenty of other memorable scenes in Francis Ford Coppola’s mob masterpiece. But Khartoum’s prize-winning head, beautiful, heavy, drenched in blood, and sliding on silk sheets as Jack Woltz’s screams peal across mansion walls, will always be one of those cinematic moments I feel in my bones. 

That’s the sort of scene Perry Mason delivers.

Set in post-Great Depression Los Angeles, HBO’s reboot of the historic legal drama approaches its subject with gritty tenacity. The series’ first moments don’t depict a law office, a jury room, or a court in session; Perry Mason isn’t even a defense attorney yet. For now, he’s just a dishonorably discharged veteran-turned-private investigator living off his parents’ old farm and drinking himself to sleep. No title card. No heroic score. Not yet. Read more…

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