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Doctor Who introduced the Doctor’s daughter – and, in the comics, she went on to don her own Iron Man armor. Doctor Who season 4 introduced viewers to Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. Played by Georgia Moffett – the real-life daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison – Jenny was a hit with audiences. The Doctor believed Jenny died at the end of the episode, but in reality she survived, and headed off to the stars to have adventures of her own.

Jenny was created by a sort of cloning technology, rather than through natural reproduction. “Progenation,” the Doctor explained, dumbfounded at meeting Jenny. “Reproduction from a single organism. Means one parent is biological mother and father. You take a sample of diploid cells, split them into haploids, then recombine them in a different arrangement and grow. Very quickly, apparently.” Of course, Doctor Who season 12 retconned the Doctor, revealing she is more than just a Time Lord – she is the Timeless Child, a being who predates the universe itself. Technically, then, Jenny too is a Timeless Child.

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Jenny’s story is continued in tie-in audio drama by Big Finish and comics by Titan. Amusingly, these reveal she left her “homeworld” of Messaline to become an adventurer, and promptly decided a T-shirt and jeans didn’t cut it. Her ship had taken time to get to an inhabited system, and she’d barely made the journey, only surviving by turning down life-support. Jenny settled on the trading planet Kulontor, using her genius to fix broken technology and enjoy breaking hearts to boots. She decided to construct a phenomenal suit of armor – a sophisticated combat and survival suit.

Jenny has essentially become Doctor Who‘s own superhero, traveling through time and space saving lives and planets. In “The Lost Dimension,” a more comic book crossover, she was forced to seek out her father and ask his help. Unfortunately, he was rather hard to track down, because he doesn’t really stay in place very often; she eventually found the Twelfth Doctor, and unwittingly triggered an interdimensional crisis on Earth. Fortunately multiple Doctors worked together to save the universe, and Jenny got to meet still more incarnations of her dad.

Jenny’s suit of armor is clearly a homage to Iron Man, right down a scene in Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Special #2 in which she assembles it using a similar system to Tony Stark’s. It’s a nice reminder that even a long-running sci-fi show like Doctor Who doesn’t exist in isolation, but rather in the context of popular culture.

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