Who is Shaun Robinson? Meet the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All Host

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Who is the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All host and media queen Shaun Robinson? The Emmy Award-winning journalist and Michigan-raised TV personality has paved quite the path as a role model for women everywhere.

Famed for more than her 16 years as co-host for Access Hollywood, Robinson has hosted pre-shows for the Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, Academy Awards, and Golden Globes. She has a passion for serving young women through her position on the Board of Directors for Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to advocating for girls and the inner strength they all possess. Robinson is also the pioneer of the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls, a non-profit created for the purpose of supporting small charities in the key areas of focus for the organization: (S)tem, (H)ealth, (A)rts, (U)nity, and (N)eighborhoods.

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In addition to brushing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite on the red carpet, Robinson has also contributed to MSNBC, NBC Nightly News, Today, and has served as a guest co-host for The View. Her notoriety spans outward to the silver screen with her roles in Bruce Almighty, Dr. Doolittle 2, and America’s Sweethearts. Robinson’s TV acting repertoire consists of Law & Order, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Last Man Standing, Monk, Everybody Hates Chris, Days of Our Lives, Charmed, and The Proud Family.

On May 31, Shaun released a video titled To My White Friends… highlighting her heartbreak caused by the events leading to George Floyd’s hellacious murder. Robinson implores those who are sickened by these events, and so many before, to take their heartfelt private messages sent to her account and post them on their own social media pages. In true Shaun Robinson fashion, she is kind, humble, and confident as she encourages her followers to stand up and say something with her call-to-action video. Shaun is no stranger to advocating for those marginalized–she earned her Emmy for her live coverage of A Grand Night in Harlem for The Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame. She is also the proud recipient of the “Game Changer” award, which she received at the MLK Dream Luncheon.

Shaun recognizes the impact those in the media can have on young female minds, which is why she wrote Exactly as I am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice With Today’s Girls on What it Takes to Believe in Yourself. Recognizing the rampant fear and self-doubt young girls were writing to her about, Shaun took to the written word and partnered with influential women such as Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Eva Mendes, and Vanessa Williams to bring their voices together as a barrier against self-doubt and insecurities. The book aims to instill a sense of stabilizing self-esteem woven together by women of various backgrounds, races, and ages. Shaun’s receipt of the Dove Beauty Award further illustrates her deep-seated passion for young women and lifting them up to be the best version of themselves.

Chasing her journalistic dream was far from easy. Forbes reports Shaun experiencing several “me too” incidents, which unfortunately put her in the harrowing position of having to choose between standing up for herself and risking her career or staying quiet. Shaun bravely chose to leave that position in Detroit, and never looked back. Powering through disappointing rejections, Shaun landed a job in Milwaukee as a medical reporter, which she held for 3.5 years. Prioritizing her wants over that which was simple pushed Shaun to the Emmy-Award winning, author, actress, and respectable journalist she is today.

Shaun has rightly earned her spot as one of media’s most successful and respected women. She upholds a calm and composed exterior while exuding nothing short of kindness and warmth. She is a powerful voice for all women and her fans eagerly wait to see how she will continue to trail-blaze and make positive change.

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