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In The Last of Us 2, Ellie has returned to strike fear in the hearts of both zombies and post-apocalyptic cults, but her abilities can be honed even further with the help of upgrade books. Those who love to play every one of their games to 100% completion and maximize their skills will need to seek out these books. Luckily, with The Last of Us 2 released today, we already have the list of books and locations ready to go for a first play-through.

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Just like in the first game, Ellie, like Joel, has 10 skill trees built to help her defeat her enemies in several different play styles. The 10 skill trees are; Close Quarters, Covert Ops, Crafting, Explosives, Field Tactics, Firearms, Ordinance, Precision, Stealth, and Survival. Each one of these skill trees can have points put into them, eight of which are unlocked by finding the correlating books.

These upgrade books can be found within the first two days in Seattle. In day one, the survival, stealth, covert ops, close quarters, firearms, ordinance, and crafting manuals can be found. On the second day, the remaining, precision, and explosives manuals can be discovered.

  • Close Quarters Manual, Seattle Day One – Hostile Territory (Dusk)

The close quarters manual can be found within the Jasmine Bakery safe. This bakery can be found on Ellie’s way to the aquarium. The safe’s combination can be found within one of the other surrounding stores, or right here: 68-96-89.

  • Covert Ops Manual, Seattle Day One – On Foot

The covert ops manual can be found in the cabin of a boat. This boat is in the center of the boat repair shop near the hardware store.

  • Crafting Manual, Seattle Day One – Downtown

The crafting manual is the first manual Ellie can find and is in a difficult to reach spot. Near Marion street, there is a fire engine and collapsed roads. On the right side of the fire engine, there will be a rope for Ellie to repel down. Once she is down to the broken highway below, you can find the manual within a cargo crate.

  • Explosives Manual, Seattle Day Two – The Seraphites (Dusk)

The explosives manual is in a WLF safehouse that rests in an apartment building. At the end of Route 5, there is a metal gate that Ellie won’t be able to open, across from which is the apartment building. The apartment with the white door will have a workbench inside, in this apartment’s bedroom is the manual.

  • Firearms Manual, Seattle Day One – The Forest (Night)

The firearms field manual is in an auto shop in the woods. It will be in the front office.

  • Ordinance Manual, Seattle Day One – The Coast (Night)

The ordinance manual can be found in another safe, this one is in a cabin of a crashed ferry. The safe code can be found within the ferry in the long side hallway, or use the code right here: 90-77-01.

  • Precision Manual, Seattle Day Two – Hillcrest

The precision manual can be found in a daycare center in the Hillcrest neighborhood. This manual will be found on the body of an infected after exiting the basement of a neighboring liquor store.

  • Stealth Manual, Seattle Day One – Capitol Hill

The stealth manual can be found in a cafe that is adjoined to a bookstore with a blue door. The manual will be on a table with a typewriter on it, near the front door.

Once Ellie has read all of these manuals she will earn the Journeyman trophy as she has unlocked all the skill trees.

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The Last of Us 2 is available on the PlayStation 4.




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