People are petitioning for Columbus, Ohio to be renamed 'Flavortown'

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People are petitioning for Columbus, Ohio to be renamed 'Flavortown'

A petition with more than 10,000 signatures (at the time of this writing) is calling for the city of Columbus, Ohio to be renamed to Flavortown in honor of the one and only Guy Fieri.

As protests against police brutality continue worldwide for the third consecutive week, many are calling for the removal of statues and memorials of problematic historical figures. Statues of Confederate generals, known slaveholders, and Christopher Columbus are being removed all around the United States.

A petition with more than 14,000 signatures wants to take that a step further. 

“Columbus is an amazing city, but one whose name is tarnished by the very name itself,” the petition’s creator Tyler Woodbridge wrote. “Its namesake, Christopher Columbus, is in The Bad Place because of all his raping, slave trading, and genocide. That’s not exactly a proud legacy.”  Read more…

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