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The Last Of Us 2 has plenty of weapons and the Pump Shotgun is a favorite, especially in the first game. Now that it’s back, it can do some serious damage when upgraded and it a ton of fun to use. Its large spread can be useful for crowds and close quarters but suffers at a distance when comparing it to the Rifle for example. It doesn’t have the ammo capacity that the Handgun has but its power makes up for that loss of ammo.

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A small note about the shotgun in The Last of Us 2 is that a regular shot in the chest won’t take a regular infected down completely but follow it up with a melee strike to kill them. A headshot is a one-shot kill but make sure the aim is perfect because the infected can move quicker than a jackrabbit. The first few upgrades on it should be the fire rate and ammo capacity as quicker shots are going to come in handy when dealing with crowds of infected. Loading the shotgun is slow so having a large amount of ammo in it at one time is going to help with those hordes of enemies.

On the Seattle tourist map, the first location that Ellie and Dina can get to is the Bank, but it’s located at the corner of 6th and Cherry. It doesn’t show on the map right away but comes up as a question mark when getting to it. To get there, when Dina marks on the map where they are, head down the hill and hug the left side of the area. There’s a small opening that looks like it’s been collapsed in on itself but it’s large enough for them to go in. Keep going through the opening and eventually, it’ll start to look a bit more like a building. They’ll start to hear noises and these will be infected waiting. There will be one clicker and four regular enemies. The clicker will be the closest enemy and will be on the left side from where they enter. Hold R1 to hear/see where the enemies are, and stealth kill the clicker when it’s made a move to go to the left side from where Ellie and Dina arrive inside the actual bank. Also, wait until the middle infected enemy moves to the center area away from where Ellie and Dina are. This will give a bit more room to maneuver. Afterward, go for the enemy on the far left while hiding between what looks like bookcases/teller desks. Stealth kill the infected when it is looking at the wall and then continue around and dispatch the other at the far end of the room. At this point, if things go south, going loud with weapons is fine as there are two left and no other infected to worry about. Once they’re done, head to the back vault room which has all the safety deposit boxes. There you’ll find a skeleton holding the pump shotgun. There’s even an extra shotgun shell on the middle island with a note explaining how the shotgun got there. After getting it, while trying to exit the bank, there will be a clicker on the right side and a regular infected on the left that appears. Stealth kill the clicker on the right and put that shotgun to use on the center enemy.

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The Last Of Us 2 is available for Ps4.




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