Henry Cavill Is Future Superman From Justice League DC Comics In Fan Art

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A DC Comics fan has made a photo edit of Henry Cavill as a future Superman from a popular Justice League run. Though Cavill has so far been the DC Extended Universe’s only Superman, his future has been up in the air in recent years. After the disappointment of titles like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, many thought DC might want to go in a different direction. This suspicion only increased with Ben Affleck passing on the Batman mantle to Robert Pattinson. However, fans were pleasantly surprised by the recent announcement revealing Cavill was in talks to make his DCEU return, likely via a cameo in an upcoming film.

Cavill also recently joined the Man of Steel virtual watch party hosted by director Zack Snyder to announce the reveal of the Justice League Snyder Cut. Cavill will be seen in that movie when it releases on HBO Max next year. However, at this time, another solo adventure for Superman isn’t in the works, as Man of Steel 2 is reportedly not in development. The reasoning behind it is reportedly that Warner Bros. doesn’t think Cavill’s Superman is popular enough to lead a successful movie right now. However, he can still star in fan art.

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DC fan britedit posted the custom edit of Cavill dressed as a future version of Superman. The fan art was created in reference to a Justice League comic by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jiménez. It was released last year and depicts a turn of events where the current Justice League members meet their future selves. Check out the edit below:

The composition of the fan art gives off truly nefarious tones and completes the foreboding look with a bleak end-of-the-world background and Superman’s eyes glowing red. The suit is fairly similar to what’s seen in the comics, though the edit leans more toward yellow and grey, while in the comics it’s more white and gold. Cavill’s hair is also impressively close, complete with the signature white curl and salt and pepper scruff. However, Cavill looks a little neater than the more grizzled version of future Superman seen in the comics.

With Cavill in talks to break out the cape once again, there’s always a chance this future Superman fan art could come to fruition. However, it seems more likely fans will see Cavill’s character in the present before the DCEU takes on an ambitious storyline like this one. Though it isn’t known yet when Cavill will make his next appearance as Superman, in the meantime, fans can enjoy his impressive smolder in this future Justice League fan art.

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