Dating Around: What Happened To Demi Diaz After The Show?

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Here’s a look at what Dating Around season 2 star Demi Diaz is up to now, from relationships to work, on Instagram. Demi was one of the stand-out characters of the Netflix series. The self-confessed workaholic ended up going on a second date with Zach. So where is she now?

New Yorker Demi rounded off the sixth and final episode of Dating Around season 2. Immediately, anyone could assume that Demi’s looks gain her a lot of attention, but the digital marketing exec proved that there was a lot more to her than just being beautiful. The way that Dating Around is filmed provides a much more genuine feel when it comes to reality TV, and this episode of the Netflix series showed many sides of Demi, from her vulnerability to her goofy side. Britton, Allan, Zach, Noel and Trevor all had the pleasure of dating Demi, but it was Zach who managed to bag himself a second date.

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With a following of almost 2, 500, Demi writes on Instagram that she’s a “SheEO” of branding and consultancy agency “The Young Workaholic”. Besides her work ethic remaining rock solid since the show, a few things seem to have changed in Demi’s life from looking at her IG. Firstly, she’s got a new man named Tim. And secondly, they have an American Bulldog puppy together! The Dating Around star mentioned that she had a guinea pig as a child who died of obesity. But now, it looks like she’s taken one of the steps of relationship-seriousness by getting a dog. Two of Demi’s IG posts from May show that she’s content in her life with Tim and Love (the puppy).

During Dating Around, Demi’s friends said that she “falls for really good looking men who are a***oles” and that “Demi just dated the same kind of guy, but she needs to open up her mindset.” Although her experience on the Netflix show didn’t result in love, Demi and Zach follow each other on IG, so it’s likely that they went their separate ways on good terms.

That said, she is now in a relationship, but perhaps Dating Around led her to meet her current boyfriend. Anyone brave enough to go on not one, but five, blind dates and have it aired on TV is surely going to have their confidence built even more. Episode 6 showed that Demi is a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. And by the looks of her IG, the New Yorker living in New Orleans is doing well for herself since appearing on the Netflix show.

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