New Clip From the New PUPPET MASTER Film BLADE: THE IRON CROSS – "My Sinister Friend"

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I’ve got another clip to share with you today for the upcoming Puppet Master spinoff movie Blade: The Iron Cross. The clip features a young girl contemplating awakening the murderous marionette, Blade, who is the main focus of the story.

These movies aren’t for everybody. They tend to get crazy insane and over-the-top with the blood and guts. But I enjoy them! I kinda like the fact that the films in the past cross the uncomfortable line.

Here’s the synopsis for the film:

For decades the fans have been clamoring for it, and now Full Moon delivers with the first standalone feature debut of one of its most beloved (and most frightful) characters; the hook-handed maniac puppet, BLADE! Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER series continues as an unspeakable evil from Blade’s past emerges in the form of a murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser. As Hauser’s heinous crimes are discovered, the psychic war journalist, Elisa Ivanov, awakens Blade, and together the bloody journey of revenge begins. It’s Herr Hauser’s reanimated undead army versus a possessed doll and a beautiful vengeance-seeking clairvoyant! Who will win, and how will it affect the Full Moon Universe? Find out in BLADE: THE IRON CROSS.

Full Moon Features CEO Charles Band said in a statement:

“The Puppet Master films are pivotal in the Full Moon Features legacy. Not only are they favorites among our fans, but they remain the most successful direct-to-video movie franchise in history and they have always been a joy for us to create. Especially during this uncertain time, we couldn’t be more thrilled to give our fans the standalone Blade feature they have been waiting for.”

Blade: The Iron Cross was directed by John Lechago and stars Tania Fox, Roy Abramsohn, Griffin Blazi, Jarrell Hall and Bobby Ree. The movie will debut exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on June 26, 2020.




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