Facebook, Twitter remove Trump’s manipulated 'toddler besties' video after parent complains

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Facebook, Twitter remove Trump’s manipulated 'toddler besties' video after parent complains

President Donald Trump has practically had free reign on Facebook. Despite whatever misinformation or violent rhetoric Trump posts, the social media giant, particularly its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has defended its decisions to keep the president’s posts on its platform.

On Friday, however, Facebook removed Trump’s video that edited a viral video of two toddler’s hugging into a fake CNN news package. Trump’s video manipulated a sweet moment to amplify his “fake news” rallying cry to undermine news reports of systemic racism and police brutality. 

In the original video, two toddlers, one Black and one white, run towards each other for a hug. Trump’s doctored version made it appear as if CNN was reporting that the white boy was menacingly running after the Black boy. (CNN’s actual coverage of the touching viral video last year did nothing of the sort.) Read more…

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