Chelsea Houska: Please Don't Look at My Racist Social Media Posts!

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Chelsea Houska is definitely a Teen Mom favorite.

So many people who watch the show love her, probably because she's one of the very, very few Teen Mom cast members who has never been in any kind of scandal.

Or, well, that used to be true.

Unfortunately, we're learning that in the past, Chelsea has made some pretty offensive comments on social media.

And while she's trying to hide that now, the internet never forgets …

1. Uh Oh

Chelsea houska fashion
If Chelsea was your fave … well, sorry ’bout it.

2. Squeaky Clean

Chelsea houska in a gold blazer
Chelsea has always been so popular with Teen Mom fans because unlike so many of the other moms, she always seemed to easy to root for.

3. A Real Role Model

Chelsea houska in pjs
She never lost custody of her children, she never assaulted anyone — on the show, we see her happy and stable, and really the only bad times she’s ever had have been because of abusive monster Adam Lind.

4. Serving a Purpose

Chelsea houska in green
These days, she tends to serve as sort of a palate cleanser between all the drama and sadness that’s usually the focus with the other cast members.

5. Living the Dream

Chelsea cole de boer
After all, she’s got an adorable husband, three precious children, a supportive family — it’s nice to see, right?

6. Here We Go

Chelsea houska weight loss
But now it’s starting to look like Chelsea’s reputation may be taking a major, major hit.

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