Apple is closing stores it just re-opened after coronavirus spike

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Apple is closing stores it just re-opened after coronavirus spike

Despite what you may think with so many parts of the U.S. reopening, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over.

Case in point: Apple is now closing some of the very stores it had recently reopened due to new spikes in COVID-19 cases.

According to Bloomberg, 11 Apple stores located in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina are once again temporarily shuttering due to the virus. The company’s decision to close these stores comes amid record high increases of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Arizona and Florida.

In March, as countries around the world began to lockdown due to the virus, Apple announced it was closing all of its retail locations outside of mainland China. The company started its reopening process in early May with nearly 100 stores opening once again. Just a few weeks later, Apple would shutter some of these locations again as a precaution as police brutality and systemic racism protests spread across the country.  Read more…

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