Angela Deem: I Am NOTHING Like Baby Girl Lisa Hamme!

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All season long, 90 Day Fiance fans compared the controversial Baby Girl Lisa Hamme to another star, the polarizing Angela Deem.

Despite some superficial similarities, Angela says, she and Lisa have nothing in common.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Marries Usman Umar

Like Lisa, Angela is a white American woman who married a significantly younger Nigerian man.

Both women are in their fifties — Lisa is 53, Angela is 54.

And, as a number of 90 Day Fiance viewers have observed, both women have lived their lives in such a way that they look a bit older than they are.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Wedding Photo

Additionally, Lisa and Angela are both incendiary personalities.

Whether they are berating their husbands or clapping back at their own “fans,” they have strong, aggressive personalities.

And both have been known to seriously get into it with their castmates.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Married to Usman Umar

Despite those apparent similarities, Angela Deem insists that they’re very different.

“No comparison,” Angela declares to Entertainment Tonight when the parallels are brought up.

“All I can say about that,” she opines, “is there’s only one Angela.”

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi First Meeting

Angela makes reference to Usman’s musings over the idea of getting a second wife if Lisa cannot have a baby to save their marriage.

Given Lisa’s age, that seems extremely unlikely. If she were to get pregnant, it would even be dangerous.

Angela does admit that she can relate to that — she herself has struggled to “tote” a child with Michael.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar are Married

As for Usman Umar … Angela and Michael are not fans of the self-styled “Souljaboy” rapper.

Fans have been accusing Usman of trying to use Lisa to hitch a ride to the United States.

That said, Usman has said that he is no longer interested in coming to America, but fans aren’t sure what to believe about him.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Side By Side

“I feel really bad for Lisa,” Angela admits.

“All due respect to everybody,” she admits, “I wouldn’t put up with Usman one damn minute.”

Wow, Angela. tell us how you really feel!

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar on Instagram

“One damn minute,” Angela emphasizes. “And I don’t like to cut nobody down.”

“I think Usman knows exactly what he’s doing,” she accuses.

Angela points out that her husband agrees, “because he hasn’t fooled Michael at all.”

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

“Good luck to Usman and his music,” Angela says unconvincingly.

“But,” she says, “you’re after a woman’s heart here.”

“And whether I like Lisa or don’t like Lisa,” Angela argues, “the point is, she’s still a human being.”

Usmar Umar Listens with Patience

“And she still has feelings,” Angela says of Lisa.

“And the way it looks, and the way it sounds,” she adds, “you didn’t do her no good.”

So Angela may not identify with Lisa, but she has some real bones to pick with Usman.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Go Shopping

For instance, Angela strongly disapproves of Usman’s changes of heart regarding Lisa.

“All due respect to him being from Michael’s country,” Angela says, “I don’t want to cut him down, but it’s plain and simple.”

“I mean, it’s cut and dry,” she expresses.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Does Not Like What She Hears

“You don’t just sit there wondering if you want more wives,” Angela declares.

“And you don’t sit there and say on these Instagram Lives,” she accuses, “that you never loved her.”

“But on the show, you say, ‘I love Baby Girl,’ well which is it?” Angela demands to know. “You switch in 15 minutes.”




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