Peter Weber: Here's Why I Fell In Love With Kelley Flanagan …

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It may not have made for the most compelling season of television.

In fact, there’s much to be said for the argument that Peter Weber wasted everybody’s time.

Kelley Flanagan with Her Man

But in the end, the show accomplished its stated goal, as Peter found love on The Bachelor.

Of course, he started dating Kelley Flanagan several weeks after the cameras stopped rolling, and only after proposing to someone else.

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Not exactly the fairy tale ending producers had in mind. 

But the important thing is, Peter and Kelley eventually found their way back to one another.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber Instagram

Of course, they also met — and probably hooked up — before the season began filming, so they could have saved a lot of time by just entering a relationship right then and giving the Bachelor gig to Mike Johnson or somebody.

But we digress.

Anyway, Peter and Kelley are quarantining together in Chicago these days, and thanks to their endless TikTok posts and Cameo.videos, it’s been pretty easy to keep tabs on the couple.

In his latest Cameo, Weber took what was supposed to be a birthday greeting for a teenager and turned it into some word salad nonsense about why he picked Flanagan.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on Tik Tok

“You guys want some inside scoop here on why I ultimately picked Kelley? All right, here’s what I can do,” he explained in the clip.

“To be completely honest, I think just the nature of the show definitely works and I’ve said that since day one,” Peter added.

“I still believe it works, but I think specifically for the type of relationship between, you know, Kelley and myself just wasn’t the most organic type of situation for us if it was going to actually work. And that’s OK, that’s totally OK because each relationship is different.”

Weber went on to quote his grandmother in Spanish, something he obviously believes creates the illusion of depth.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

“No matter what happens, let the waters run. That’s essentially what it says in Spanish,” he said afterward.

“What’s meant for you [and] what’s yours will always be yours, and nothing can ever change that,” he added.

“So obviously we’ll see what the future holds for Kelley and I, but I think it’s a beautiful story, definitely a beautiful love story of what’s yours is yours and it will always come back to you, no matter what.”

At one point in the video, Peter was joined by Kelley, and the two of them sang “Happy Birthday” to the teen, thus proving they didn’t completely forget the point of the clip.

Kelley Flanagan, Peter Weber

“That’s kind of always been our relationship. We’ve kept coming back in each other’s lives,” Weber said of Flanagan.

“So the way I look at it, [it’s] definitely an unorthodox way [of finding love] but [it] definitely worked in the end.”

Yeah, the more direct route would have spared a lot of people a lot of heartbreak, but we’re happy for these two anyway.

But maybe going forward, producers should implement a stricter vetting process to make sure no one is in love before filming even begins.




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