Young Boy Fighting Cancer Gets a John Cena Birthday Surprise

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John Cena gave a young boy battling a life-threatening illness an incredible birthday surprise this week, and the photos of the occasion are amazing. A world-renowned wrestling superstar, Cena is very well known for competing in WWE as one of its top superstars since 2002, winning sixteen world championship titles in the process. Those who’ve followed his career will also know that Cena is just when he’s not performing, with his frequent charity work and many good deeds outside of the ring. This week, the wrestling superstar and Hollywood actor was at it again, surprising 7-year-old David Castle at his Odessa, Florida home just days ahead of the boy’s eighth birthday.

Castle was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a type of childhood cancer, on Oct. 25, 2019 after he had been feeling unwell and very tired for several days. Testing revealed his diagnosis, with doctors discovering Castle had already advanced to stage four of his illness, with the tumor beginning to spread to other areas of the body. According to Castle’s mother Tammy Miller, Castle has “already undergone very painful tests, surgery, and long days and nights at the hospital” with several months of radiation and chemotherapy treatments remaining. Miller has also created a GoFundMe page for help with Castle’s medical bills from these treatments.

As Castle will turn eight on May 10, Cena sought to surprise the young WWE fan for the special occasion with a special appearance arranged by officials with Pasco County Fire Rescue. Wearing a face mask with latex gloves, Cena arrived at Castle’s home with many gifts in tow, including two WWE championship title belts, autographed T-shirts, a signed program, signed bobblehead, hat, and some official John Cena armbands. Several photos of the occasion were snapped as well, with Castle grinning ear-to-ear as he stands by his hero. According to his mom, Castle was “filled with excitement and had tears of joy when he saw one of his favorite wrestlers.”

Cena’s work with children battling life-threatening illnesses and other diseases is very well documented. Since becoming famous as a pro wrestler, Cena has set the record for granting the most wishes for children through the Make-A-Wish foundation than any other celebrity in history, totaling over 600 wishes for young fans hoping to meet him. In 2009, he was given the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award for these efforts. For his part, Cena says that every wish is memorable, and there’s no sign of him slowing down with granting more and more wishes anytime soon. Additionally, Cena often takes part in campaigns promoting such topics as anti-bullying and breast cancer awareness.

According to Castle’s GoFundMe page, the 7-year-old’s mother and grandmother have been spending every minute of their time by David’s side to maximize his care. Given the current state of the world, those in the family have also been unable to work, leaving the family struggling with caring for Castle and his four siblings. If you have anything to spare, consider chipping in, as every dollar helps. You can read more about Castle’s condition and donate to his medical treatments by visiting GoFundMe.

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