New Mutants Image Shows How Cecilia Reyes’ Powers Work

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As The New Mutants awaits a new release date, another image surfaces online revealing how Cecilia Reyes’ (Alice Braga) incredible powers work. Since The New Mutants has had its release date postponed several times, some of its promotional content has made its way online, including an image demonstrating Reyes’ superpowers. Writer and director Josh Boone started working on The New Mutants alongside his childhood best friend, Knate Lee, after completing his work on The Fault in Our Stars and began filming in 2017. From then on, the film has had four different release dates with the most recent one, April 3, falling through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reyes is one of the characters in the upcoming movie which features five mutants discovering their abilities while being held in a secret facility. She is a doctor with powers of her own, who is also a mentor of sorts to the team. Reyes first appeared in Marvel’s X-Men #65 issue, when the X-Men tried to recruit her after finding out she was a mutant. Though she resisted joining the group, she became a valuable addition. Most of her heroism involved her medical knowledge more than her superpowers, and she first used her powers on accident when the shield jumped out, killing Jaeger, one of the X-Men’s villains. Eventually, Reyes learned how to use and control the force at will.

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The image posted on Reddit by user zaqwasick is a still from The New Mutants showing a fighting scene with Reyes and originally came from Cinefex. The translucent, dome-like force field extends from Reyes’ body to protect her (or others) from any threat. The force field can also cover multiple subjects at the same time as seen in the image. Reyes is seen covering several people with the force field while she’s stooped over, clenching (what looks like) her injured midriff.

The image may have also give a major spoiler on Reyes’ fate in The New Mutants. Her wound appears to be grievous which may hint that Reyes will die or become seriously incapacitated. Reyes suffered a similar fate when she was killed at a mutant concentration camp run by Weapon X. However, Marvel’s Executive Editor, Mike Marts, later clarified that Reyes wasn’t actually dead.

The latest The New Mutants image only adds to the curiosity of what has been building up for years now. There’s still no clear plan on the film’s release date. However, it looks like there may be a glimmer of hope as the producers may be willing to consider some fans’ suggestions to release the movie on a streaming service. The New Mutants was temporarily available for pre-order on Amazon, before being taken down. Hopefully, the movie will be coming to screens sometime soon.

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Source: zaqwasick/Reddit, Cinefex




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