Funimation Announces the Virtual FunimationCon Event for Fans

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Most, if not all, of the conventions this year have been canceled. This is leading to some companies getting a little creative with how to get news out to fans and provide a convention experience. Well, Funimation is the latest to announce a virtual convention called FunimationCon which will be full of panels, cosplay meetups, forums, news, and more. Colin Decker of Funimation released the following statement:

FunimationCon is a chance for us to give back to a community which has supported us for over 25 years by re-imagining the convention experience. With so many anime events being canceled this year, we’re jumping in to fill the gap with a new way for fans to come together and enjoy some great content and experiences.

FunimationCon will be available to fans in the United States and Canada and run from July 3-4. You can find more details in the coming weeks over at the official website.




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