Amber Portwood Meets Belgian Boyfriend For First Time, Makes Use of Gary Shirley Condoms!

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When we first learned that Amber Portwood is dating a man from Belgian we feared for the guy's future.

After all, it was just a few months ago that Amber beat domestic violence charges that could have landed her behind bars.

Fortunately, when Amber met Dimitri Garcia at the airport on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG, he was protected in two respects:

Amber's OG baby daddy, Gary Shirley, was there in case Portwood flew into one of her infamous rages and beat the guy down on sight.

And he also provided the happy couple with some It's Gary Time! condoms for later in the evening.

It was a strange scene, but then, just about everything in Amber's life is a little off-kilter these days.

Take a look:

1. An International Affair

Dg 1
On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood finally came face-to-face with Dimitri Garcia, the Belgian man she met online.

2. It’s Gary Time!

Dg 2
And the uncomfortable scene was made even more awkward by the presence of Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley.

3. Big Night

Amber portwood meets dimitri garcia introduces him to gary shirl
“Dimitri is arriving tonight and I’m excited because I really like him and I want to see where things can go,” Amber said in a voice-over.

4. Anxious Amber

Dg 5
“But I’m also nervous, so I’m having Gary come with me to the airport to pick him up,” she added.

5. It Gets Weirder

Dg 8
Before taking Amber to the airport, Gary explained the unusual arrangement to his wife, Kristina, who encouraged him to talk to Amber about birth control options.

6. Gary Explains

Gary shirley of teen mom
“So Amber asked me if I’d go to the airport with her to pick up Dimitri, just because she’s still getting to know him,” he said. “And plus, she doesn’t want to get seen by people with somebody right now.”

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