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Most people know the story of Luke Skywalker, having grown up watching George Lucas’ sprawling space opera. Four decades later and new Star Wars fans are still being made as there are now twelve pictures telling the saga.

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For those younger fans who missed the original and prequel trilogies, older fans who want to relive the nostalgic journey from beginning to end, and new fans who haven’t seen any of the films yet, it can be hard to know where to start! Thankfully you don’t have to span galaxies to watch every movie. This handy guide includes where you can watch every Star Wars movie online.

12 The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace is where the Skywalker saga officially begins. Fans see how the galaxy came to be in a bitter war between the Empire and the Rebels with a story focusing on trade disputes, political intrigue, and the introduction of a certain promising young Jedi who could be “the chosen one.”

Stream Episode I – The Phantom Menace here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

11 Attack Of The Clones

Several years after the events of Episode I – The Phantom Menace, future Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker has grown up and is now Obi-Wan Kenobi’s apprentice. An assassination attempt against Senator Padmé Amidala sees Anakin and Obi-Wan embark on separate journeys. Love, revenge, and fear threaten to derail young Skywalker’s progress as a Jedi Knight while Obi-Wan investigates the assassination attempt and makes a shocking discovery.

Stream Episode II – Attack Of The Clones here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

10 The Clone Wars

The only animated movie included and not one that necessarily fits into the mainline Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The Clone Wars does fill a gap between Anakin Skywalker’s impetuous appearance in Attack of The Clones and the next film as Anakin takes on an apprentice of his own, the popular Ashoka Tano.

Stream Star Wars: The Clone Wars here – Disney+

9 Revenge Of The Sith

It’s the climax of the prequel trilogy with the conflict between the Separatists and the Jedi now spanning the galaxy. Anakin is tasked with finally getting to the bottom of who the insidious Sith lord pulling the strings behind the scenes is but his forbidden love for Padmé threatens to put him on a collision course with the dark side of the force. It changes the galaxy forever and shockingly reveals how all of this leads to the events of the original trilogy.

Stream Episode III – Revenge of the Sith here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

8 Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a prequel that tells the origins of franchise icon, Han Solo. A young Han Solo attempts to escape from a gang with the love of his life but eventually ends up on a series of adventures leading to him having to attempt a heist within the criminal underworld. It introduces his friendship with Chewbacca, explains how he came to be in possession of the Millennium Falcon and his infamous blaster, and how he completed the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs.

Stream Solo: A Star Wars Story here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, Fandango Now

7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One strikes a different tone to the rest of these, presenting a darker and grittier adventure. It focuses on a small part of the original trilogy as a group of misfit rebels embarking on a mission to steal the Death Star plans from the Galactic Empire. Most notably, Rogue One serves as a direct prequel to the first-ever Star Wars movie released with events at the climax of this film leading directly into the start of Episode IV – A New Hope.

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Stream Rogue One: A Star Wars Story here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

6 A New Hope

Originally just titled Star Wars before George Lucas’ space opera took off and led to sequels being made.,Episode IV – A New Hope kicks off with a battle between the Galactic Empire and Rebels led by Princess Leia, who is captured by Sith Lord Darth Vader. Her only hope is a message hidden in R2-D2 for Obi-Wan Kenobi but the droid, and the message, end up in the hands of unassuming moisture farmer Luke Skywalker. The rest, they say, is history.

Stream Episode IV – A New Hope on the following  – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

5 The Empire Strikes Back

As the title might give away, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back sees the heroes suffer a setback as Darth Vader and the Emperor relentlessly pursue Luke Skywalker’s allies as Luke himself attempts to learn the ways of the force from Yoda. This is considered by many to be the best film in the franchise and it’s hard to argue when the climax serves as a perfect mid-trilogy cliffhanger, making people want to see the final chapter.

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Stream Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back here  – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

4 Return Of The Jedi

Tasked with wrapping up the previous two films, Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi brought out the big guns – Ewoks! It had the conclusion to Luke Skywalker’s journey with the force, secrets were revealed and there’s an epic final confrontation with Darth Vader as well as the Rebellion’s final attempt to overthrow the insidious Galactic Empire once and for all. It really is a fitting end to the Skywalker saga where the heroes finally live happily ever after….or did they?

Stream Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi here  – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

3 The Force Awakens

As it turns out, they didn’t. Episode VII – The Force Awakens brings the Skywalker saga back to the big screen almost 38 years after it first appeared. It takes place some years after the events of Return Of The Jedi and a new dark force from the remnants of the Empire has overtaken the galaxy: The First Order. Meanwhile, an unassuming orphan by the name of Rey encounters a Resistance fighter’s droid called BB-8, and the rest, they say, is history… again.

Stream Episode VII – The Force Awakens here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

2 The Last Jedi

The new heroes, Rey, Poe Dameron, and Finn find themselves on separate adventures in order to help the Resistance against the First Order. However, Sith Lord Kylo Ren and the First Order are mounting an attack on the dwindling Resistance Fleet that could wipe them out for good. The film divided opinions for doing things differently but that makes it a truly interesting film to watch.

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Stream Episode VIII – The Last Jedi here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+, Fandango Now

1 The Rise Of Skywalker

Rey, having fully grasped her Jedi powers, attempts to help the remaining members of the Resistance finally overcome the First Order while also grappling with her complicated relationship with Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the First Order is finally revealed and it’s an old enemy. This had the unenviable task of wrapping up 11 films and a forty-plus year journey for fans. For the most part, it does a great job!

Stream Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker here – Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Disney+

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