Mackenzie Standifer Gets Bullied on Instagram: You Need Implants, Girl!

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Like most stars of the Teen Mom franchise, Mackenzie Standifer has a very complex relationship with the people who watch the show that made her famous.

For the most part, she seems to enjoy the spotlight, but Standifer has also threatened to quit Teen Mom OG due to harassment from fans and what she believes to be unfair editing practices.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids

These days, her relationship with the public is as volatile as it was when she first married Ryan Edwards, back in 2017.

Most of the criticism revolves around her relationship with her husband, particularly now that it looks like Edwards might have relapsed, and his loved ones might be working with him to conceal his latest setback.

If she’s really helping to hide Ryan’s addiction from Maci Bookout knowing that he could be a danger to his son if he’s using again, then some of the criticism against Mackenzie is justified.

Ryan Edwars and Mack Standifer

But the internet is the internet, which means that amid all the legitimate gripes, there’s a handful of morons who just want to take shots at her because she’s famous.

Many of these hateful comments revolve around Mackenzie’s appearance, because people are horrendous, and social media is an unforgiving hellscape.

Standifer posted the photo below this week, along with a list of things she’s learned about herself during quarantine.

“Your body can do more than you think is possible when you push it,” was one revelation.

Mackenzie Standifer With No Makeup

“Makeup is overrated but self tanner is not,” Mackenzie added.

Despite the attempt at positivity during difficult times, some fans simply had to load up the comments section with unwelcome negativity.

Ironically, the situation started with a compliment.

“My bestie is GORGEOUS!” one of Mackenzie’s friends wrote, as first reported by In Touch Weekly.

Mackenzie Standifer Snapshot

“Your bestie needs a chin implant,” some random hater replied.

It was a needlessly cruel comment, but fortunately, Mackenzie was quick to clap back:

“Yes, I do, girl!” she responded.

“But, ouch, I’ve already broken my jaw before, sooo prob not getting an implant anytime soon. Sorry for the disappointment.”

Ry and Mack

That’s the way to handle a hater.

Put them in their place, but don’t lose your sense of humor in the process — and most importantly, never let them know they’ve upset you.

Mackenzie might finally be getting the hang of this public figure business.

Something tells us she won’t be quitting TMOG anytime soon — much to the chagrin of her many haters.




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