Kylie Jenner: Did She Really Buy a $36M Mansion Just For the Quarantine?

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When you're talking about Kylie Jenner's luxurious lifestyle, terms like "fabulous wealth" and "obscene opulence" don't even scratch the surface.

Kylie is the world's youngest "self-made" billionaire, and unlike Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, she's not driving around in a 2010 Nissan or sporting a SuperCuts hairstyle.

Kylie likes to enjoy her wealth.

She enjoys shelling out for absurdly over-the-top status symbols that serve no purpose other than reminding the world that Kylie Jenner is really, really, really rich.

And if you thought she'd take a break from flexing simply because we're in the midst of a global health crisis, you've got another thing coming.

If you're among the 173 million people who follow her on Instagram, you know that Kylie's quarantine updates have set the standard the by which all other socially-distanced celebs are now measured.

Wine mom jokes about drinking herself to sleep? Kylie's got 'em.

Twerking in a bikini in a high-stakes skills challenge? You better believe Kylie's all over that one.

But these days, the posts that are getting the most attention have to do with Kylie's palatial new home.

Yes, her ability to jiggle and drink might be impressive, but you can find that sort of thing on any college campus in America.

(Or at least you could, until the 'rona gave us the world's first six-month spring break.)

Kylie purchased the crib back in late April, and it seems she's only moved in about a tenth of her stuff thus far.

Which probably means she has yet to sell her previous house.

The situation has sparked an interesting debate among fans — namely, did Kylie buy a second mansion just for the quarantine?!

The theory was first put forth by Cosmo, and as evidence, the mag points to a recent video posted on TikTok by Kylie's BFF, Stassie Karanikolaou.

"Ayo, my best friend's rich check," Stassie tells the camera before leading fans on a tour of what looks suspiciously like an uninhabited model home.

A "rich check" is exactly what it sounds like, by the way — you take to social media to show everyone how rich you are.

Kylie's fans are young enough that they still believe they'll be billionaires themselves some day, so they don't find it obnoxious.

The place has 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, but it's missing Kylie's artwork and her famous purse closet.

And frankly, it looks suspiciously un-lived-in.

As further evidence, fans point to a recent video in which Kylie calms her upset daughter by telling her, "We're going home."

So yeah, as crazy as it may sound, Kylie might have purchased a brand-new $36 million home just for the purpose of posing for selfies and TikTok videos during the pandemic.

The rich — they are different.

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