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The Flash and Shazam are both incredibly powerful heroes, who have been valuable members of the Justice League. But, when it comes to pure speed, what’s faster? Wally West, or Shazam’s lightning bolt that instantly changes Billy Baston into an adult hero? It turns out, Wally’s even faster than Billy’s magical lightning.

Both the Flash and Shazam are no strangers to lightning. Like Barry Allen, Wally was given speed powers when he was struck by lightning that mixed with chemicals. Meanwhile, Shazam got his powers from an ancient wizard, who gave him the powers of Gods, including Zeus, the God of Lightning. He transforms into Shazam via a lightning bolt. Once, when Billy was trying to transform, Wally stopped him in his tracks.

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In The Flash #107 by Mark Waid, Oscar Jimenez, Jose Marzan Jr., and Tom McCraw, Wally is staying at the high-tech Solar City Island Resort with Linda Park. Wally isn’t too thrilled to be there since there isn’t much to do as the resort is largely unfinished, but after Linda tells him she’s meeting with junior reporter Billy Batson, something terrible unfolds outside. Billy decides to transform into Shazam and help, but after saying “Shazam!” Wally comes in and grabs him before the lightning bolt can change him into his heroic form.

Billy is mystified when the Flash grabs him before his lightning bolt strikes. Eventually, the lightning catches up with him and he transforms into Shazam. But, to say Shazam and not instantly transform clearly irks Billy. The Flash and Shazam would use their powers to take on the villain known as the Shadow Thief, who’s turning innocent people into shadows thanks to a power upgrade from demonic Neron. After both heroes are captured in one of his shadows, Shazam calls out his name to brighten the darkness, allowing the Flash to take down Shadow Thief.

Even though Wally West is technically the fastest Flash alive, it’s still crazy to see just how much speed he really has. Billy’s transformation to Shazam is instantaneous, however, Wally still managed to beat the lightning bolt and move the young kid before he got struck. It proves Wally is even faster than Shazam’s lightning bolt. It’s a pretty cool moment between two heroes. Although, I’m sure Billy wasn’t too thrilled to say the magic word and be snatched away by Wally before he was able to fully transform. The Flash had the right idea in mind and tried to get a young kid away from danger – it just turns out, that young kid was also Shazam.

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