Five-Year-Old Steals the Family SUV to Purchase a Lamborghini

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While most kids save up their allowances to buy a new bicycle or skateboard, one frightful five-year-old from Ogden, Utah just north of Salt Lake City set his sights on a Lamborghini.

After begging his mother for a Lambo to no avail, the problem child eventually snagged the family’s Dodge Journey and hightailed it south towards his sister’s house in California in the hopes of purchasing his dream machine. He only made it less than three miles before being pulled over by state trooper Rick Morgan on Interstate 15 South for driving erratically.

Morgan thought he was pulling over an intoxicated driver, and he turned on his lights and siren to get the operator’s attention. Fortunately, the Dodge promptly pulled over to the side of the road. To Morgan’s surprise, the Journey’s driver was neither drunk nor high, but young and inexperienced. Not to mention broke. With only $3 in his wallet, the young journeyman’s finances fell far short of what it takes to buy a Lamborghini.

Ultimately, Morgan helped the little troublemaker put the car in park and then subsequently called the kid’s parents, who retrieved their Lamborghini-obsessed son and Dodge crossover SUV. The entire incident was reported by, which gleaned from Sidney Estrada, the boy’s sister, that her brother waited until she was asleep to nab the keys to the family car and begin his adventure.

“I saw that the truck was gone, and he was gone, and the keys were gone . . . I don’t know what went through his mind,” Estrada told the local news station.



We think we know what he was thinking, though. After all, what five-year-old wouldn’t want the chance to own a Lamborghini? Still, while we applaud this car kid’s enthusiasm, we certainly don’t condone his behavior. If anything, this is another reminder to parents to keep items such as car keys locked away from their overzealous children. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident, but that doesn’t change the fact this chain of events could easily have turned awry.

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