Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom is FAILING Because They Fired Me!!

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Recently, Farrah Abraham openly whined about her firing from Teen Mom, trying to frame it as a sexist attack on women, or whatever.

The reality TV villain is also claiming that Teen Mom OG ratings are only tanking because viewers want to see her back on the show.

"Nothing like a great #teenmom cameo on TikTok," Farrah begins her caption to a recent video that she crossposted to Instagram.

"Maybe," she writes, "this is why the ratings tanked even with everyone stuck at home, sports canceled."

"And cbs can’t save it …" Farrah accuses.

CBS and MTV are both Viacom properties that the entertainment behemoth has acquired over the years.

"For all wrongfully fired who are over achievers," Farrah announces.

She declares that "This is a sign others can’t grow with you & respect you."

"Cheers, moms," Farrah says in a tongue in cheek manner to her erstwhile castmates.

She concludes by writing "Thank You, Next," in reference to a song by the actually talented person, Ariana Grande.

The caption was beside a lengthy, bizarre TikTok video (that we covered when it came out).

In it, Farrah has 11-year-old Sophia, her favorite social media prop, act out the role of Morgan Freeman, the producer who fired her.

Acting out her lines, Sophia accused Farrah of being the only Teen Mom star who was a "problem" on set.

Farrah countered with the claim that, actually, she was the only one who had "overcome" teen pregnancy.

Sophia was obviously born, so we're really not sure what Farrah means by that.

Given who we're talking about, there's a decent chance that Farrah has no idea what she is talking about, either.

In general, she claims that her firing was a sexist attack on women.

That is more than a little odd, considering that literally all of the Teen Moms are women.

Of course, Farrah says that she was fired for being a sex worker, and it's true that she appeared in adult media.

Now, that should never have played a role in her firing, but … that's not really the whole story.

The real issue was the way that Farrah treated production crews and everyone behind the scenes.

She treated them like, well, how Farrah treats everyone — unfairly, rudely, and like they're idiots while she is brilliant and deserving.


It's funny that Farrah is blaming Teen Mom OG's currently low ratings on her absence.

Notably, they dropped after the season premiere, which didn't have Farrah either.

Also, this is a unique time for TV ratings. Some have never been higher, while others are shockingly low given how many people are stuck at home.

The reality is that people's desires to consume some media has increased but there are other things that do not fit their pandemic mood.

Low ratings in a unique crisis doesn't mean that the network is desperate enough to re-hire Farrah.

In fact, Farrah is the one who seems desperate, as she recently used Instagram to promote toxic purity culture.

Farrah wrote that she was "celebrating a chastity belt of a year in #prom2020."

"I dedicate my prom dress to a prom2020 student keeping her virginity & decreasing teen pregnancy!" she claimed.

We're not sure why anyone would want Farrah's old prom dress — unless they were making some sort of voodoo doll.

But comprehensive sex education and making healthcare resources available is what helps to prevent teen pregnancy.

Virginity is a social construct. There are many ways for people to "lose their virginities" that do not contain a risk of pregnancy.

What Farrah is promoting social control and sexual repression. Aren't those the things that she says motivated her firing?

Farrah abraham teen mom is failing because they fired me




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