Clone Wars Creator Shares Ahsoka Series Finale Art To Thank Fans

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ Dave Filoni shares a new illustration of Ahsoka Tano and Commander Rex as a way of thanking fans following the series finale. The Clone Wars was revived for a seventh and final season on Disney+, bringing the beloved cartoon to a proper conclusion after it was cancelled amid Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.

Working alongside creator George Lucas, Filoni has been an integral part of The Clone Wars since the very beginning, first directing the feature film before becoming the cartoon’s supervising director. After its cancellation, Filoni went on to executive produce Star Wars Rebels and then became the overseer for all Lucasfilm Animation. Following that, Filoni helped Jon Favreau in developing The Mandalorian, directing and writing episodes for its first season. His fingerprints are now all over the Star Wars galaxy, but it was through his work on The Clone Wars that Filoni first made an impression with fans. Now, he’s thanking them for sticking with it and him until the very last episode.

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In a tweet, Filoni shared the new piece of artwork in commemoration of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 finale. It depicts Ahsoka walking away from her discarded lightsaber and back towards Rex in moment that’s a continuation of her final scene in the episode. At the bottom of the image, Filoni has written “Thank you” as a message to all those who tuned in to see how the Clone Wars ends. Check out Filoni’s illustration, below.

Filoni has marked the occasion of previous Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 episodes by sharing new artwork before. When Anakin and Ahsoka were briefly reunited, he shared a piece of the former Master and Padawan during happier times, and then another following Ahsoka’s epic duel with the former Sith Lord, Darth Maul. This latest artwork is similar, with Filoni’s scratchy linework in red and black ink offering another look at a big moment from the finale.

Ahsoka is one of Order 66’s few survivors and she reappears some years after the end of the Clone Wars in Star Wars Rebels. Fans may be about to learn even more about Ahsoka’s future if the news of Rosario Dawson’s casting in The Mandalorian season 2 holds true. She is said to be playing the first live-action depiction of Ahsoka, and if so, her role in season 2 could explain what happens to Ahsoka following Rebels‘ post-Return of the Jedi ending. Either way, as long as Filoni is involved, Ahsoka is sure to always have a role in future stories set in a galaxy far, far away.

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