Is This One-Off Tesla Model S Wagon Worth Over $200,000?

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In the movie Austin Powers Goldmember, Nigel Powers declares that “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch!” Of course, the combination of statements makes no sense. Plus, why hate on the Dutch? After all, they’re the reason the only Tesla Model S station wagon in this world exists at all. Niels van Roij Design studio, working with RemetzCar of Amsterdam, designed a Model S “Shooting Brake” conversion, turning out a new body style that Tesla didn’t—and still doesn’t—offer from the factory. And the only one of those conversions ever completed just came up for sale.

So, if the idea of a pre-facelift Tesla Model S Shooting Brake interests you, then be sure to bring money. The stunning green example listed on has a €185,555 asking price—about $202,000 at current exchange rates. That is the price for customers outside the European Union; those within that zone must tack on a 21-percent VAT (tax), lifting the price to €224,521.55, or just under a quarter of a million bucks.

You’re paying entirely for the novelty of owning the only Model S wagon RemetzCar ever built because the car underneath is pretty out of date by now. The wagon’s starting point was a rear-wheel-drive 2013 Model S P85—a power and battery combination (and naming convention) Tesla no longer even uses on the Model S. (The lineup today consists of Long Range Plus and Performance trims, both with all-wheel drive, or “D” in the old Model S lingo.) It sort of resembles the latest Model S, thanks to a body-color bumper from a 2016 model, which sort of gives the Shooting Brake half the black-painted “grille” worn by earlier models and half the body-color, grille-less look of the later ones.



Of course, like a mullet, this Tesla’s party is in the back. The wagon was built originally for Floris de Raadt, who provided the low-mile, used Model S P85 donor car. Niels van Roij Design helped guide the design process, and RemetzCar handled chopping up the Tesla and forming aluminum long-roof bodywork to its tail. The conversion maintains the Model S’s prominent rear shoulders and adds a unique flourish: A thick, chrome trim piece that accentuates the rear quarter windows and practically yanks onlookers’ eyes toward the car’s tail. The build team added a wagon must-have that the factory Tesla, itself a hatchback, lacked: a rear wiper. RemetzCar tucked the practical add-on out of sight beneath the Shooting Brake’s rear spoiler.

RemetzCar didn’t quit working when the bodywork was finished. The company also reupholstered the Tesla’s entire interior, adding splashes of body-color green paint to the inside of the glovebox and the outside of the rearview mirror. Green piping is found on the seats, too. Originally, RemetzCar and Niels van Roij Design were planning to build about 20 of the Shooting Brakes, but the cost and effort involved apparently cooled interest on that front, leaving this green Model S as the only conversion (at least, according to JB Classic Cars). That sure is worth something—it’s simply up to you if that something amounts to more than $200,000.

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