Pokémon GO Makes Five New Shiny Pokémon Available In May Update

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There are a lot of updates coming to Pokémon GO this May, including five new shiny pokémon for players to catch, evolve, and trade. The ARG mobile game is nearing its fourth birthday, but The Pokémon Company’s and developer Niantic’s continued support through the coronavirus pandemic has seen the title’s player counts and revenues skyrocket.

Even the mighty Pokémon anime has been dealt a harsh logistical blow after 23 years of uninterrupted production, but Pokémon GO is going even stronger than before thanks to quarantined players looking for something engaging to do with all of their sudden free time. Being largely dependent on player movement through the real environment around, it at first seemed that the game would suffer acutely, but a barrage of new features – including the ability to partake in gym raids from home – shattered those expectations.

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Now, trusted online Pokémon GO aficionado LEGENDSLima reports that May 2020’s updates will spotlight five pokémon in this month’s Research Breakthrough Encounter and weekly Pokémon Spotlight Hours, during each of which players have a chance of capturing the pokémon in their shiny variants. Those pokémon are electric-type Shinx, water-type Shellder, grass-type Sunkern, dark-type Poochyena, and steel/psychic-type Bronzor. Dedicated (or simply lucky) players will be able to end the month with a handful of brand new shinies in their pokémon storage if they complete each quest and catch them in all their color-swapped glory.

Despite a shaky launch in the seemingly ancient, bygone days of 2016 and a long road to molding a proper game around the conceptually neat skeleton of Pokémon GO, Niantic has done an excellent job of keeping content steadily flowing into the mobile game. Just last month they added highly requested Battle League leaderboards to allow competitive players to show off their bragging rights, and yesterday they gave the sudden influx of quarantined players a second opportunity to return to the glory days of Gen I, an event lasting all week through May 8. The developer received its fair share of criticism for poor servers and netcode all those years ago, but the studio has clearly grown into a highly competent force within the mobile gaming field.

Although Sunkern’s “palette swap” is so pathetically minimal that it barely registers among its superiors in this month’s list of shinies, Shinx, in particular, will surely have caught many players’ eyes, having been a cult favorite among Pokémon Diamond and Pearl players. They’ll have to act fast if they want a black-and-gold Luxray by Pokémon GO‘s packed June schedule.

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Source: LEGENDSLima




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