Deputy Gets Payback On Boss Who Fired Her For Being Gay By Running For His Own Job

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Charmaine McGuffey is a woman that worked for the Hamilton County, Ohio sheriff’s office for 33 years, and she became the first woman to reach the rank of major in the department’s history. However, she was suddenly fired by Sheriff Jim Neil, so she decided to run for his job as a sheriff, and began her campaign in 2019.

Charmaine McGuffey managed to defeat Jim Neil in the Democratic primary, as she won 70 percent of the votes.

Even though McGuffey and Neil worked together for many years, Neil’s views became increasingly conservative, and he even appeared on stage with President Donald Trump at a MAGA rally in 2016.

McGuffey now sues the county and Neil for workplace discrimination and wrongful termination. She said that she was fired by Neil for being a lesbian woman, so that’s why she decided to run for his place because she believes she can do a better job than him.

McGuffey will face Republican Bruce Hoffbauer in November, and she said that her opponent has a 1950s attitude – the same attitude that she came up against as a deputy under different sheriffs.

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