'The Knick' is the ultimate pandemic binge-watch

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'The Knick' is the ultimate pandemic binge-watch

Steven Soderbergh, already one of the most highly regarded filmmakers of his time, suddenly took on the role of near-prophet when Contagion became one of the most-streamed films during the pandemic. 

But that’s not the only Soderbergh joint eerily reflective of the hardships of coronavirus.

For many, immersing ourselves in the harsh truths of our current situation from the comfortable distance of fiction has proven a helpful way to cope. If that’s you, Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed yet criminally under-watched Cinemax series The Knick should be your next quarantine binge.

Set in turn-of-the-century New York City, the 2014-2015 series tells the story of a medical staff at the forefront of surgery, just as it was beginning to be practiced by doctors rather than barbers (yes, that was a real thing). The show puts you on the ground at the Knickerbocker, as its brilliant surgeons (played by a stunning cast that includes Clive Owen and André Holland) figure out gruesome but life-saving procedures for illnesses that used to be terminal, like appendicitis.  Read more…

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