Jill Duggar Gets Mom-Shamed Over Housekeeping Skills: You're Making Your Son Sick!

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At this point in her career, Jill Duggar has been mom-shamed so frequently and so brutally that we doubt she bats an eye when some internet stranger threatens to call CPS.

But the latest public belittling might be the most painful yet, as it pertains to her youngest son’s newly-diagnosed health issues.

Jill Duggar With Her Sons

Earlier this week, Jill revealed that 2-year-old Sam is suffering from severe dust allergies.

The news has led Jill to take some dramatic precautions in order to lessen her son’s symptoms.

But some fans believe the mother of two still isn’t doing enough.

Jill posted the below photo on Instagram in order to demonstrate the lengths to which she and her family are going in order to keep Sam safe.

Jill's Freezer

“Stuffies in the freezer! We recently found out Sam has strong allergies to dust!” she captioned the pic.

“Both of the boys love their stuffies…so when the allergist mentioned they could be contributing to collection of dust it made total sense!” Jill added.

From there, the harried mom went on to describe the added precautions she’s taken in order to ensure that her son remains healthy.

“In addition to being better at washing bedding and vacuuming at least once a week (I know…we still have carpet), the allergist recommended freezing anything that’s tough to wash at least once a month for 48-72 hrs to hopefully kill the dust mites!” she wrote.

The Dillards' New House

“I usually bag them up to keep moisture off of them and contain them a little,” Jill added.

“Do your kids have favorite stuffies or a lot of them? Do your kids have allergies? What have you done to help?”

For the most part the response from fans was supportive and encouraging.

“I’m more impressed that you have that much room in your freezer!” one follower joked.

Jill Duggar Selfie Alert

“Which, honestly?! Who has enough space in their freezer for two bags of stuffed animals?! We sure don’t.”

But as The Blast reports, several comments — some of which seem to have been deleted by Jill — were highly critical of her cleaning methods.

One user accused Jill od “lax housekeeping,” while another stated that Jill is simply “not cleaning enough.”

“Vacuum once a week?” wrote one critic.

Jill Goes Against Jim Bob

“I vacuum everyday, carpets and hardwoods..I would especially do this if my kid had a dust allergy.”

All of this comes on the heels of allegations that the Duggars have been ignoring safety warnings about thr coronarirus and spreading damaging claims that the pandemic is some sort of hoax.

It’s important to note that Jill has not been accused of any such behavior, and it appears that she and her family have been isolating themselves in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines.

But as she’s being reminded today, no one is immune to the plague of hateful internet commenters.




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